Case Studies

Latest Case Studies

STRUMIS is very pleased to welcome one of the leading manufacturers of metal structures in Mexico - Grupo Baysa - as a much valued STRUMIS customer and technology partner.



Had Fab Ltd Invest in the latest Fabrication Technology – STRUMIS - to drive productivity and efficiency gains.

Had-Fab Ltd


Harrogate Steel Company Ltd Invest in STRUMIS to drive productivity, traceability & efficiency ultimately leading to customer satisfaction.

Harrogate Steel Ltd


John Reid & Son Ltd chose STRUMIS to help support their future business development & expansion plans.

John Reid & Son Ltd


STRUMIS forms part of Kiernan Steel technology drive for increased productivity and efficiency whilst supporting their expansion plans.

Kiernan Steel


Bubear & Jones Ltd turn to STRUMIS to drive continued expansion.

Bubear & Jones Ltd


King C Ironworks has been using Strumis for over 5 years, we like the ease of use and information that the software gives us.

King C Ironworks Inc


MLB Steel Ltd have chosen STRUMIS to upgrade their software solutions!

MLB Steel Ltd


A company with a diverse range of business needs finds STRUMIS to be the solution they were after. Based in Scotland but now working far and beyond, with continuous expansion and investment, their weekly production capacity has soared. As BHC continued to grow, their previous systems were unable to deal with their ever growing business needs.



Irish-owned, Middle East-based Kelly Steel turned to STRUMIS when they decided the time was right to automate internal processes. Now with over 20 years of experience in the industry, they've become widely recognized delivering projects of all sizes, meeting and exceed expectations of both time and standard of work.

Kelly Steel


Hosken Site Steel looked closely at STRUMIS and they soon realised the enormous benefits of its features: Once they learnt more about the STRUMIS software it was the traceability from estimating through the site delivery that really gave them the confidence and helped to confirm that STRUMIS would be the right option for HSS.

Hosken Site Steel


TL Fab say they knew that STRUMIS was right for them to become their entire solution provider, and they certainly haven’t been disappointed…

TL Fab


Lighting the way in South Africa. Kusile Power Station will end Load Shedding guarantees to always shorten schedules, and maximises productivity; in addition, it’s three STRUMIS Bar code data-collection tools

Genrec Engineering


Nebraska Drake Williams Steel Choose to Succeed with STRUMIS as it was the multi-location feature and this proven track record that were the main selling points.

Drake Williams Steel


STRUMIS Increases Productivity and Efficiency Across the Fabrication Shop at Dragon Steel as their president explains "It was a no-brainer to choose STRUMIS for the plethora of features, flexibility..."

Dragon Steel


North Yorkshire Family Business goes from strength to strength with STRUMIS.

A & J Stead LTD


Northern Weldarc Ltd have commented “STRUMIS gave us the ability to get a job to the shop floor within a day of the job being given the green light to fabricate.”

Northern Weldarc


I just wanted to say a really big thank you to you both…the quality of teaching and level of knowledge is immense and I can not praise you both enough!

Arc Fab Sussex Limited


The project was complex, as such the ability to use STRUMIS throughout the projects entirety, meant all project information was kept together in a succinct and efficient manner. The increased efficiency from these benefits has allowed us to increase our volume and will ultimately result in cost and time savings.

Watkins Steel


STRUMIS welcomes SISCOL India on board the STRUMIS wagon of world class steel fabricators using STRUMIS Management Information Software for Steel Fabrication Management.



Robinson Structures fully commit to providing their clients with the highest quality service through continued investment in technology.

Robinson Structures


When Structural Challenge first spoke to us in early 2010, it was the estimating side of the business that they wanted a new solution for. With STRUMIS there’s a complete steel estimating software module, standalone and ready to use, to enable integration with CAD systems, superior workflow and a greater degree of accuracy.

Structural Challenge


From a stone’s throw away in our neighbouring city of Nottingham UK, Cleveland Bridge UK who are using STRUMIS had been contracted to work on the project to revamp Nottingham station with new tramlines to extend the network rail 17.5km South and South West of the city.

Cleveland Bridge UK


For all steelwork fabrication businesses, increasing raw material costs present a significant burden and can if not managed properly result in substantial finances being tied up with inventory, leading to wakened cash flow through inefficient management of the production cycle.

Billington Structures


Albawardi Steel Industries (BSI) selects STRUMIS to aid their growth in the fabrication industry. STRUMIS enables companies to connect the departments of their business to work more efficiently and achieve a higher output. STRUMIS contributed to streamlining their current workflow to create more productive inter-department collaboration.

Albawardi Steel Ind.


Essar Projects Limited (EPL) a global Engineering, Procurement and Construction Company has decided to implement STRUMIS across all their fabrication sites following successful enhanced material management and project monitoring proven through a pilot deployment at one of their largest sites - a palletization plant at Paradip.

Essar Projects


STRUMIS' Bar code data-collection systems provide enormous benefits throughout the manufacturing and processing phases of fabrication at Murray & Roberts subsidiary company – Genrec

Genrec Engineering


Canam Group is a leading provider of design and fabrication of construction products and have signed a Corporate Agreement to purchase and implement STRUMIS across their structural and bridge sites.

Canam Group


A year on for Modern Prefab Systems with STRUMIS, we had the privileged opportunity to meet with the Managing Director at Modern Prefab Systems Pvt. Ltd to discuss how their business is coping after the implementation of how this ‘tailor-made’ solution has delivered efficiencies and increased productivity in their work process.

Modern Prefab Systems


K. Liaromatis S.A chose STRUMIS in 2004 as their preferred steelwork fabrication management information system. Due to dedication and commitment to the latest software innovations in the steelwork industry, K. Liaromatis S.A. invested in the latest fabrication technology in CNC machines and Material Requirements Planning Systems.

K. Liaromatis S.A


Investment in the latest technology can allow for many businesses to prosper and accelerate growth. Identifying investment in new technologies is a key driver for business development and importantly staying ahead of your competition.

Metal Frame Buildings


When investing in a dedicated Steel Fabrication Management Information System, organizations usually ask some worthy questions: 1. What are the options/features available? 2. Does it fit with our current and future business requirements? 3. What are the benefits of STRUMIS? 4. Can we afford it!?

Amana Industries


Assent first came to STRUMIS in early 2012. Their aim driving them to change was the need to automate their new facility. They have 7 fabrication shops, all side by side and each fed by CNC machinery. They needed technology that could fully automate and feed these machines with NC files.



This case study explores the quality assurance and business benefits delivered through the implementation of a technology based process such as that provided by the STRUMIS estimating system for steelwork project tendering.

Global Metals Corp.


STRUMIS and StruCad combine to deliver the highest project in England and Wales - The Summit Building, Mount Snowdon, detailed and fabricated by EvadX Ltd.



Baosteel Construction selects STRUMIS for their new 150,000 ton/annum Haimen fabrication facility, Shanghai. Baosteel Construction (BSC), one of the foremost steel producers in the world, has selected STRUMIS - the leading enterprise Fabrication Management solution, for its new Haimen fabrication facility on the Yangtze River, north of Shanghai.

Baosteel Construction


The project to retrofit the Shell Canada Energy Building into a fabrication facility presented Eskimo Steel Ltd’s design-build team with unique challenges, requiring creative design and installation solutions, STRUMIS has been acknowledged to be integral to the success of the project

Eskimo Steel