King C Ironworks Inc

King C Ironworks Inc
Eliran Galapo, VP of Operations, King C Ironworks, Inc
Brooklyn, New York -

"King C Ironworks has been using Strumis for over 5 years, we like the ease of use and information that the software gives us. The material logs and production files are always in the server and can be easily reported. Exporting of material lists and reports is another great feature we like because we can customize each phase of the project.
The Strumis BIMReview 3D Model Viewer for the 3D model and dxf files helps us look at each piece and decide if that is the floor we want to send into procurement. The reports for purchase orders and mults (material nesting/optimisation) is great and we can send all these nests straight to the suppliers from the STRUMIS program. Once the materials are received in our facility, the STRUMIS program gives us cutting sheets and inventory feed-sheets for the workshop machine operators providing 100% traceability.

As VP of Operations, I am really happy with the program and it gives me all the information for each job in a nice breakdown”
Mr Mike Nolan - STRUMIS North American Business Development Manager states "It is awesome and gives us great pleasure to witness King C Ironworks maximising the significant cost and time saving benefits from their STRUMIS investment along with the STRUMIS program ensuring 100% traceability, track ability and real-time job status through our integrated and colorized 3D Tekla Model viewer. We are delighted STRUMIS has proven to be an excellent investment for Eliran and the team at King C Ironworks and long may their success continue”

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