The chances are that you will also have some questions and to try to help you we have started to compile these questions below.

Some of the frequently asked questions we receive from companies looking to improved their business with a dedicated management information system for steelwork fabrication include:

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Q: How quickly can we implement the STRUMIS system?

A: Extremely quickly although times will vary depending on the size of your business and if any additional integration work or development is required. Usually our STRUMIS fabricator version can be implemented in the two week standard training program.

Q: Do we need special IT hardware or infrastructure?

A: STRUMIS is a server based application. In general there are no arduous IT hardware requirements and in most circumstances we have found that our clients existing systems are more than adequate.

Q: Is the software installation local or cloud based?

A: The STRUMIS installation is SQL based and is installed locally on a host server. Updates can be downloaded and installed as and when required.

Q: Do you train us on site and how long is this implementation?

A: For our standard STRUMIS implementation we would always prefer to train you at your site. This is a standard two week implementation and training program.

Q: Does STRUMIS handle metric and imperial systems?

A: Yes all the STRUMIS versions are capable of dynamically switching between metric and imperial units.

Q: What languages is STRUMIS available in?

A: Currently STRUMIS is available in 8 languages and we are working on other languages. Languages include; Chinese, English USA, English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. Please contact us and we will be glad to demonstrate the STRUMIS system in these translated languages.

Q: Can I nest plates as well as linear lengths?

A: Yes the STRUMIS system is able to optimise/nest/mult both linear lengths and plates.

Q: Does STRUMIS integrate with my detailing system/subcontractor?

A: We have worked to develop links with all the major steel detailing and BIM authoring products, such as Advance Steel, Bocad, ProSteel, SDS/2, StruCad and Tekla Structures. Check our integration page here.

Q: Will STRUMIS integrate with my CNC machinery?

A: We have excellent relationships with all the major CNC machinery manufacturers and have developed links accordingly with Controlled Automation, Ficep, Kaltenbach, Peddinghaus and Voortman, amongst others. Check our integration page here.

Q: Can STRUMIS integrate with my ERP/Accounting systems?

A: STRUMIS has standard links with several Accounting systems and we have successfully developed integration with the leading ERP systems. Again please check our integration page here.