The Steel Fabrication Management Information Software


Steel Fabrication Management Software

STRUMIS is the complete management information and production system for every steel fabrication company;
to minimise overheads and costs, maximise productivity and profitability; in every step of the steel fabrication process.


Combining global industry expertise and efficiencies with British service enhancing core competencies, giving you the competitive edge - always.


With STRUMIS you can connect your business resources reducing time, cost and wastage for greater efficiencies, traceability and productivity.

By engineers, for engineers.


STRUMIS harnesses the information flow and work processes through the steelwork contract between all departments, including multiple sites, suppliers and clients;
from estimate tendering, through procurement and production into construction.


STRUMIS system modules include:

Enquiry and estimating module enables users to process and manage information accurately

Enquiries and Estimating


Integrates your procurement with live contracts and enables the management of all costs

Purchasing and Suppliers


A drawing and document control system, designed to maintain a database

Document Management


Control and manage the progress of multiple fabrication contracts in real time

Contracts Management



Sales invoices may be created for contract assembly marks.

Customers and Sales


Monitor and compare multiple contract budgets against actual costs in real time, 3D environment



An instant overview and management of all materials across multiple locations

Items and Inventory


Manage production and automatically allocate and route steel around the fabrication workshop

Production Control


The Global Market Leader

Brought to you by the global market leader, at the forefront of developing intelligent software, for the steel fabrication industry, for over a quarter of a century;
STRUMIS offers you the best of both worlds: global knowledge and efficiencies combined with local service; provided by engineers to engineers.


Building on our heritage of innovation, industry expertise, and passion for excellence, STRUMIS empowers our clients to gain sustainable competitive advantage
with a complete steel fabrication management information and production system for large steel fabrication businesses.


What differentiates STRUMIS to our competitors?

STRUMIS is developed and managed by industry expert engineers, with over 25 year's knowledge of the steel fabrication industry.

We've developed management tools for real-time accurate (factual) information. As engineers, we speak your language

STRUMIS provides true Best Practice industry knowledge culminating from global efficiencies with local insight.

STRUMIS are partners to our clients, in providing an entire solution - ready for growth and diversification.

Our clients trust STRUMIS to give them the information, knowledge and ability to successfully build their evolving business.


Full Integration with Your Business

Implementation of STRUMIS, steel fabrication software, within your existing business environment is paramount;
thus we've developed advanced integration with the main steel modelling systems, CNC machinery manufacturers and accounting systems.



Steel Fabrication Workflow

Tekla Integration with the STRUMIS Steel Fabrication Workflow

Using 13 "Wizards" STRUMIS makes the impossible, possible


Providing automated short cuts for common tasks:


Document Transmittal Wizard Work Orders Set Up Wizard
Import Barcoding Wizard Detail Nesting Wizard
Import Documents Generate Contract
Import Estimate Section Wizard
Document Request for Information Import Prelim
Prelim Nesting Import Detail
Import NC


"The STRUMIS system is now rolled out across our sites using the systems effectively and efficiently. STRUMIS provides us with the value added advantages of greater efficiencies, greater profitability with enhanced productivity and benefit from traceability."

Features of

STRUMIS enables companies to drive increased efficiency and improved profitability.

Seamless integration with structural BIM authoring systems, leading CNC machinery manufacturers, accounting and ERP systems; to connect and harness your processes.

  • Integrates with all 3D detailing systems/BIM authoring systems. Instantly populating the system for tasks such as Estimating, minimises risks of error and integrates your workflow between engineering and estimating.
  • STRUMIS routes and feeds all major CNC machinery to streamline your production processing and for the larger CNC manufacturers is also able to provide automated manufacturing time feedback. With integrated CAM/NC editing facilities STRUMIS connects your file data into fabrication and tracks each piece.
  • Established links with the main accounting systems and integration with the major ERP vendors.


  • Accurate, repeatable tender generation.
  • Quotation Wizards allows tender quotations to be created quickly and easily by adopting the estimate values and standard inclusions, exclusions, T&Cs.
  • Estimate Import Wizard allows tenders to be created in a fraction of the time.
  • STRUMIS imports data from any electronic source: i.e. 3D CAD/BIM authoring systems, eliminating errors.
  • Comprehensive database contains library of all Hot and Cold Rolled Steel Sections.
  • All steel sections added to the estimate contain all properties such as weight, area and pricing.
  • Fittings and labour matrix applies connection details and associated labour costs parametrically.
  • Enquiries contacts management.
  • Embedded material optimiser for accurate calculation of waste.
  • User definable templates for different types of fabrication i.e. stairs or portal frames.

A drawing and steel document control system, designed to maintain a database, to generate transmittals for the issue of all new documents and to manage the distribution of revised documentation.

  • Instant access to all project data
  • Document management database
  • Document import wizard
  • Document search
  • Document transmittal wizard including tracking
  • Request for Information (RFI) wizard

True, live inventory status of all materials, across multiple locations. Self-maintaining with no manual adjustment is necessary. Facilitating Just In Time practise.

  • Complete inventory management system including non-steel items
  • Multi location management including supplier sites or materials on order
  • 'As received' cross checking with purchase orders
  • Certification/reference storage against materials
  • Control of stock levels and effective dates
  • Remnants return back to stock or free inventory
  • Item status for historical trend analysis
  • Detailed inventory transaction reporting
  • True plate shape remnant visible in inventory

Integrates your structural steel procurement with live contracts and enables the management of suppliers, with pricing and nesting automatically completed and all costs allocated for analysis.

  • Purchasing and supplier materials database
  • Wizard driven - linear and plate nesting/multing (optional), incorporating multi-suppliers, bevel nesting and butt welding
  • Visual nest representation and analysis
  • Request for Quotation (RFQ) and saved nest retrieval
  • Electronic Data Interface (EDI) with Suppliers
  • Automated Purchase Order generation
  • Purchase Order receipts enables good inwards management
  • Materials Classification, facilitating CE compliance, returns, damaged goods, etc.
  • Return to supplier for damaged or unwanted goods

Control and manage the progress of multiple fabrication contracts in real time and visually through 3D interactive models, including revision management and budgetary monitoring.

  • Contracts created containing critical information such as customer, weight, area, phases, drawings, assembly marks, invoices, milestones.
  • Key contact details and project information.
  • Contracts Budget for comparison of project estimate versus actual costs and time sheets.
  • Import prelim or advanced material requirements
  • Drawing import wizard imports from any electronic format, usually 3D CAD, and allows for automatic revision control.
  • View 3D model for visual status of all pieces
  • QS Analysis feature for breakdown of project by cost versus sale values

Monitors and compares multiple structural fabrication contract budgets against actual costs in real time 3D interactive model environments.

  • Evaluation of project by cost versus sale values.
  • Comparison of project estimate versus actual contract costs and time sheets.
  • Project cash flow monitoring
  • Benchmark analysis for business performance

Manages production; automatically allocates and routes steel around the fabrication workshop, with full part progress tracking.

  • Bespoke workflow template creation
  • Automated generation of stockyard picking lists and cutting lists
  • Automated routing of workflow through interrogation of listing and NC data
  • Automated work to list generation and/or post processing and delivery of CAM/NC data to specific machine formats.
  • Integrated StruCNC CAM/NC editing suite.
  • Production phasing and lotting.
  • Process timing generation and labour time recording.
  • Bar Coding delivers semi-automated individual piece tracking.
  • Workstation and machine automated feedback for several CNC manufacturers.
  • Production overview with real time 3D model visual piece tracking.
  • Automated production delivery notes.

Allows users to profitably and effectively manage projects from every aspect.

  • Prioritise contracts, phases, load and packages across multiple resources at each facility to meet key project milestones.
  • Accurate generation of processing timings to be distributed across resources according to their working calendar and provide real-time project status transparency.
  • Project forecasting can be established, edited and tracked during the lifecycle of any project at in-house or sub-contract level.
  • Project can be viewed internally or remotely through BIM model viewing software
  • Complete control of your project status and forecasting at all times.

Efficient and flexible; intelligent and accurate steel detailing process.

Steel Detailing with STRUMIS:

  • Intelligent and accurate integration with your current / advanced detailing solutions.
  • Information transferred automatically
  • Share information with all relevant parties
  • Maximise the steel detailing capacity
  • Ensure your CAD/ Modelling stations are optimised
  • Enabling effective use of the steel detailer resource by automating CAD/Modelling software tasks.

Links your office to your site.

  • Share critical project status updates for on-site/erection progress
  • Instantly accessible to all parties
  • Real time communication across processes Project status GANTT charts Contract overviews
  • Contract transparency - linking your office to your site.
  • Uniquely integrated, 3D model communication tool - BIMReview enables you to visually track, enquire and communicate with all parties across the whole project lifecycles:
  • Uniquely integrated, 3D model communication tool - BIMReview enables you to visually track, enquire and communicate with all parties across the whole project lifecycles: Enquire Communicate with all parties 4D planning Clash Detection Tekla, Graitec GTCX, CIS/S Step, IGES, IFC model importing Google Earth visualisation Sequence Animation Centre of Gravity Video capture
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Manage multiple structural steel fabrication projects and complex site schedules in a visual 3D model environment to easily communicate, clarify issues and enquire on piece status in real-time.

  • Uniquely integrated, 3D model communication tool - BIMReview enables you to visually track, enquire and communicate with all parties across the whole project lifecycles:
  • Real-time and easily accessible data to all involved.
  • Mark status identification and viewing of 3D model and associated drawings
  • Click on 3D model to access piece status data
  • Infragistics grid for personalised data manipulation
  • Standard reports

[for more information on BIMReview click here]

StruCNC enables fabrication flexibility through the manipulation of electronic data files.

  • Quickly produce or edit NC data as a single file or in multiple batch actions
  • 2D and 3D viewing of parts
  • Easy manipulation of pieces to check data prior to committing to manufacture.
  • Loading of DSTV and NC1 data
  • NC splitting, allowing built up members to be exploded into component parts
  • Batch processing of multiple components
  • Easy dimensioning tools
  • Hole location error warnings
  • Layout marking including:
  • Erection Marking
  • Connection lines
  • Setout References
  • Centre Marks
  • Coping Radius marks
  • Cut and Cope generation tools
  • Creation of all hole types and centre pop marks
  • Piece Shorten and Extension tools
  • Metric / imperial toggle
  • Piece Attribute properties
Microsoft Office 2007 Style Ribbon
Customised Quick Access Toolbar
Customised Menus
Docked, Floating or Flyout Menu Bars
Multiple & Tabbed Window Display
Customised Search Grid with Persistent Layouts
Contract Ribbon Tab for Quick Access to Contract data
User Defined Custom Fields
Documents and Files Attachments
Pre Defined Notes
Wizard Driven Tasks
Recently Used Data for Users
Built in Tutorial Videos
Intuitive Navigation Pane
Supplier / Customer / Contacts
Multiple Addresses for Contacts
Import from Outlook
Contact Wizard
Customer Enquiries Log
Estimate Take Off - Drawings / BOQ
Assemblies in Estimating
Last / Best / Average Price in Estimating
Cost Extras
Labour Timing Database for Accurate Pricing
Pre-defined Standard Fittings
Nesting Engine
Enquiry Quotation for Estimates
Purchase Orders Estimate
Batch Creation of Unrecognised Items
Sales Order Management
Sales Order Deliveries
Inventory Invoicing
Contract Invoices
Global Section Library and Items Management
Inventory Management
Pricing by Supplier / Customer at Item Length Level
Mark Item / Mark Tracking
Location Rules
Inventory Bar Coding
Inventory "Stock Take" Wizard
Plate Shape Viewing (Nesting & Inventory)
Exchange Bars
Purchase Orders
Purchase Order Returns
Purchase Order Receipts
Purchase Invoicing
EDI Procurements - Quotations & Orders
BIMReview V8
Import of Material / Drawings/ CAM - BSWX
Contract Status Views Export
Contract Budgets
Preliminary Materials Requirements Planning
Listing Steel and Non Steel
Parent Marks (MMA's)
Configurable Revision Rules
Easy Rollback
Integrated Drawing Viewer (SPF, DWG, DWX, DXF)
QS Analysis
CAD Interfaces to Import various Electronic formats
NC / CAM Splitting Tool for Built up sections
Import Individual Instance NC Files
Contract Off-Site Locations
Facility / Employee / Workstation Resource Calendars
Contract Prioritisation
Defined Tasks
Package Prioritisation
Long Range planning (Simple/detail modes) - Estimate / Contract / Service
Detail Resource Views Gantt / Resorce Gantt / Resource Load
Production Lotting / Loading / Sequencing
Production Cutting / Assembly
Materials Nesting  
Linear Nesting
Angle Nesting
Plate Nesting
Plate Nesting with Lantek/Shopdata/SigmaNest/ProNest
Welded Bar Nesting
Best Price Nesting
Multiple Supplier Nesting
Request For Quotes
Barcode Scanning Applications for Mobile Devices
Sending CAM to Machine
Post Processors
Receive Tracking and Timing Data back from Machine
Automated Rules Based Production Route Planning
Mark Items With CAM
Mark Item
Non - Productive
Inventory Item (to create inventory)
Production Planned Timing
Mark Item
Non Productive
Inventory Item (to create inventory)
Production Planned Timing
Mark Item
Non Productive
Inventory Item
Issue Inventory to Production Work Orders
Receive Finished Goods Inventory from Work Orders
Automatic Material Issuing for Mark Items - Back Flushing
Production Delivery Notes
Automated / Shop Floor Data Collection - Bar Coding
Shop Floor Touch screen data collection
Radio Frequency (RF) Bar Coding
Employees Time Tracking
CAM Viewing (2D & 3D)
Single File Editing
Batch File Editing
Document Register by Contract
Document Revision Control
Document Transmittals
Document Transmittal Responses
Distribution Lists
Document Import Interfaces
Document Import Wizard
Document RFI's
Document Contacts
Document Pending Transmittals
Storage of Documents in Databases
Built in Report Designer for Custom Reports
User Report Creation Wizard
My Reports - Users Favourite Reports
Multi Format Report Exports
Reports output to Grids with Layouts
Reports to Excel Templates
Automated Report Tasks
Role Based Reporting
Facility Report Template
Native SQL Database Architecture MS SQL Server 2008 R2
.NET Framework
Multiple CAD Interface Support
Multi Unit Support (Metric & Imperial)
Multi Currency Support
Multi Language Support
Multi Tax Code Support
Multi Facility
Multi Facility Permissions
Contract Viewing Permissions
Contract Movement Restrictions
Automated Tasks for the Scheduling of Backups, Accounting system Exports etc
User Roles based Security
Cost Codes and Cost Centres
Setup Wizard
Improved Automated Task Reporting
Batch Reporting
Automated Transaction Interface - Purchase Invoice
Automated Transaction Interface - Sales Invoice
Automated Transaction Interface - Employee Timesheet
Automated Transaction Interface - Customers
Automated Transaction Interface - Suppliers
Automated Transaction Interface - Inventory Transaction
Automated Transaction Interface - Sales Orders
Automated Transaction Interface - Purchase Orders

Executive Benefits of

Gives your company the competitive cutting edge:

  • Accuracy and Control - informed decisions based on real data. Facilitates your organisation in achieving existing business targets and plan more ambitious goals.
  • Speed - improves efficiency and helps eradicate non-value added activities; making business processes more productive. Time spent inputting, manipulating and reporting on operational and management information, is reduced; increasing turnover and profitability.
  • Standardisation - manages information and data seamlessly, avoiding duplication and creating a "one team" environment, rather than islands of expertise and responsibilities thus sharing the individual's knowledge across the whole business.
  • Industry Leader - adopting STRUMIS is acknowledged as a commitment to business excellence; this will attract new customers whilst also improving existing customer satisfaction.

Benefits of

  • Easy Implementation
  • Increase Productivity
  • Save Time, Reduce Costs
  • Real Time Traceability
  • Streamline Workflow
  • Maximise Material Efficiencies