Our History



Part of the RDS Group (Rig Design Services), STRUMIS LTD has a long and distinguished history.
The RDS Group designed (structural, chemical, electrical and instrumentation) and installed over 100 oil rigs and vessels, moving into fabrication in 1980 and software development in 1986.

To impose standards within the offshore industry and simplify the fabrication process, initially operating as AceCad Software and now STRUMIS LTD has been managing the IM (Information Modelling) in BIM since 1986. This revolutionary 3D modelling technology was quickly commercialised for steel building structures and construction.

Moving into the management of information from 3D models in 1988, AceCad Software purchased GoData - the forerunner of the STRUMIS management information system - in 2000 and applied our own manufacturing knowledge, expertise and programming to bring the product along to deliver best practice processing for the steelwork construction industry today.

Now trading as STRUMIS LTD focuses on applying our unique knowledge of managing the data in 3D models through our BIMReview product, alongside our dedicated STRUMIS suite for steelwork fabrication.