Training & Support


STRUMIS supplements our software solutions with a range of services including Technical Support and Training to ensure that our clients always experience maximum benefits from our software.

Tailored Training

STRUMIS offer a skilled international team to train and implement our software either at your facility or online for maximum benefits.


Flexible training to suit your specific needs.

Training is conducted on site or online as part of our bespoke implementation plan for your business, designed to enable rapid understanding and operation of modules for maximum ease.


On-line, on-site or join us

A STRUMIS expert will train any individual or group of; whether on-site, at a convenient venue, or at our offices around the world; our international team of experts are available for you.

Modular - Maximising Effectiveness

Our training is modular with each module consisting of a separate in-depth training course that incorporates the dynamic links that exist between modules, minimising training time and maximising work force productivity.


Complimentary Video Tutorials


Bluebeam Interface with STRUMIS

STRUMIS and Tekla Data Exchange Link

Introducing ShopData Peddinest Integration


Plate and Bar Nesting


Bar Code Tracking

Refining Fabrication Data

Function F1

Technical Support



With maintenance options available our experienced team will support any ongoing usage requirements around the clock.


STRUMIS is dedicated to providing world-class technical support for all of our products ensuring our clients consistently gain maximum effectiveness from our tools.


Our global Technical Support teams provide regular product updates, enabling you to retain maximum productivity.


Our experienced and committed teams provide fast and efficient responses to all of your technical queries via telephone, e-mail or web based technologies.