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Since we implemented STRUMIS we have found our day-to-day operations have been significantly more streamlined through using STRUMIS, the link with Tekla provides almost instant importing of our project data, project material requirements are managed through the nesting and ordering feature within STRUMIS which also caters for tracking cast/heat numbers and material test certificates to help with CE Marking, our workshop staff now provide total employee and process time recording using the STRUMIS Production Console, inventory is managed seamlessly and automatically and the overall business benefits of investing in technology are clear to see. 

Our next mini project with the STRUMIS team is introducing Executive Dashboards which we have seen demonstrated by the STRUMIS technicians and which will add yet another layer of additional project data information specifically for our senior management team.

Had Fab Ltd

Mr Martin Ward (Financial Controller)


King C Ironworks has been using Strumis for over 5 years, we like the ease of use and information that the software gives us. The material logs and production files are always in the server and can be easily reported. Exporting of material lists and reports is another great feature we like because we can customize each phase of the project.

 The Strumis BIMReview 3D Model Viewer for the 3D model and dxf files helps us look at each piece and decide if that is the floor we want to send into procurement. The reports for purchase orders and mults (material nesting/optimisation) is great and we can send all these nests straight to the suppliers from the STRUMIS program.

 Once the materials are received in our facility, the STRUMIS program gives us cutting sheets and inventory feed-sheets for the workshop machine operators providing 100% traceability.

 As VP of Operations, I am really happy with the program and it gives me all the information for each job in a nice breakdown.

King C Ironworks, Inc

Eliran Galapo (VP of Operations)


Grupo Baysa has selected STRUMIS among other alternatives because it is a very complete management software and allows up-to-date control of all processes from budget to shipment. The fact of being a specific management system for metallic structures makes it easy to use and very well structured.

The compatibility with the BIM Tekla Structures design software & STRUMIS, the generation of multiple reports, as well as the optimization and traceability of project material has also been a decisive factor in the decision to implement STRUMIS".

STRUMIS - "Real-time CONTROL of all processes from budget to shipment"



Juan Antonio Sanchez (Plant Manager)


As part of our continued investment and improvement plan, we have looked at various different software options to ensure we are best placed to offer our customers the best possible quality, price and delivery times. After careful consideration, we have opted for the STRUMIS package. STRUMIS will ensure that our processes, systems and efficiencies are further improved allowing us to increase our output confident that we are doing so in the way we should.

STRUMIS will enable us to better track production, improve consistency and standards and ultimately ensure we deliver projects on time and within budget.  As we continue to invest in all aspects of our business, our focus is always on delivering the best we can for all the stakeholders in our business – our customers, our team and our suppliers. Investing in systems to improve efficiencies will ultimately give you, our customers and partners, the trust and knowledge that you are placing your projects with the very best there is in the steel design, fabrication and installation industry.


MLB Steel Ltd

Chad Ward (Managing Director)

STRUMIS Estimating has allowed Metal Arts to unify and standardize our
estimating department. 

With STRUMIS, we’re able to create standard costs for everything from
fabrication to part production, ensuring our estimators are all using the same
data to create bids.  Standardization has also decreased the time it takes
to create bids, allowing Metal Arts the opportunity to increase our bidding,
and dedicate time to further enhancing our estimating process.

 We’re excited to continue to explore the capabilities of STRUMIS as we
begin to integrate STRUMIS Production Console data with our Estimating process
to enhance the accuracy of our bids.

Metal Arts

Shaun Huibsch (Managing Director)

We have long been searching for a bespoke steel fabrication management solution that could assist us with inventory management and production monitoring. STRUMIS was undoubtedly the solution we were looking for!

Atmastco Engineering Pvt. Ltd

Having reviewed all the available options, we found Essentials by STRUMIS the best solution to satisfy all our business needs. It is economic and high on returns with its unique inventory management system alone.

Due to a busy schedule, it’s important for us to have a system in place which enables us to track production on a daily basis. Essentials allows us to do exactly that. We are looking forward to working together with the STRUMIS Team and anticipate the business advantages of the system.

Core Fab Projects

We are convinced that STRUMIS offers the most complete and advanced product features and that the software will enable us to more efficiently deliver value across our businesses.

The STRUMIS system is considered to be the pinnacle of technology for steelwork fabrication and fits with our culture of technology based engineering, construction and steelwork fabrication to provide our clients with quality projects, on time; and within budget.

Cleveland Bridge UK Ltd

Having reviewed all available options, we found that STRUMIS provides a complete solution for integrating our BIM workflow into fabrication. It provides us real benefits such as savings in the associated time as well as enhanced accuracy in estimating and tendering.

Tata BlueScope Building Solutions

Following a comprehensive 6 month evaluation of the various steel fabrication management solutions available, we decided STRUMIS was the best solution for Canam Group due to a number of key factors. STRUMIS was by far the most comprehensive and feature rich solution available, enabling us to replace multiple legacy systems. Utilizing the STRUMIS Integration Platform and the latest .NET and SQL technology ensured we can integrate STRUMIS with our existing Oracle ERP system, our engineering and detailing software, as well as bar-coding, tablet and CNC equipment. STRUMIS will save valuable time handling and managing key operational data across our multiple fabrications facilities.

Canam Group

With STRUMIS we have a system that enables us to manage projects from start to finish. Now with the extended bar coding functionality and the automation that this delivers we are able to benefit from the system more and more throughout our projects.

Genrec Eng Ltd

To be a Global Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Contracting Company executing projects to world class standards for our customers and delivering industry benchmarked value to our stakeholders, we are confident that STRUMIS will be one of the resources to help us achieve our stated vision.

The implementation of this (STRUMIS) system will bring about significant cost efficiencies and enhance competitiveness of Essar Projects

The cross-over of departments using STRUMIS will streamline our material management and project monitoring. The ability for any member of the appropriate department management team to provide real time data to clients is fantastic for the business to client relationship.

Essar Projects

STRUMIS has delivered productivity gains across the business, not just in production where we have realized organizational and speed advantages in association with our CNC machinery.

Albawardi Steel Industries (BSI)

STRUMIS is a fundamental part in our production. State-of-the-art parts processing and beam cutting are paramount to project success. STRUMIS receives data to provide us with quick, efficient, and perfect parts every time.

Our company, by continually investing, has shown that steady and sustainable growth in the structural steelwork industry is possible, even during recent turbulent economic times. We invested in STRUMIS to allow us to be more productive and deliver workflow efficiencies.

From a short demonstration of STRUMIS, we knew straight away this software was extraordinary and that it would concur with our company ethos. If you’re looking for a system to implement on your site/business, STRUMIS will provide you with all the key features and benefits to manage your steelwork business more effectively. 

K. Liaromatis S.A

STRUMIS has allowed us to provide a fast solution that can deal with the most complicated projects. STRUMIS provides us with a platform to be more productive and deliver workflow efficiencies by reducing time, minimizing waste and detailed data of components fabricated to give us a competitive gain.

At MFB we were very fortunate to have invested in the right technology at the right time. Having worked through traditional methods with pen and paper, STRUMIS was definitely worth the investment, as I am now seeing the benefits from sustainable competitive advantages.

Metal Frame Buildings SRL

It was a no-brainer to choose STRUMIS for the plethora of features, flexibility, and the right price point. 

It takes a fraction of the time to find, coordinate, order and track materials than it used to, saving us a lot of time and this translates into saving costs. The inventory tracking & efficient nesting has eliminated additional waste and afforded us the ability to easily use inventory no longer needed on one project, on another project, while keeping complete traceability. 

[as] BIMReview is included with STRUMIS we don’t need […] extra trips back and forth from the shop to the office to view complex connections.

As a smaller, family-run fabrication shop, I don’t believe we would be able to handle the type and scope of work that we’re currently performing if it wasn’t for STRUMIS. We’re able to track items and timings so accurately, that the empirical data analysis through STRUMIS allows us to further steer our company in the right direction to stay nimble and efficient in an ever changing and evolving market.

Dragon Steel

STRUMIS was a proven solution on the technology platform that we trusted And it was the multi-location feature and this proven track record that were the main selling points.

As a result of implementation we have successfully migrated away from our legacy software, to a solution that provides us much more visibility to our production status.

STRUMIS has helped us focus on making sure our processes are built around supporting our shop. It also gives us the ability to manage our projects to the details our customers require.

Drake Williams Steel

The flexibility and ease of use of STRUMIS is incredible! Anyone from estimating through contracts to works staff can familiarise themselves with STRUMIS with minimal training. During my career in the Steel Fabrication business, I have used various estimating packages none compete with STRUMIS as STRUMIS can be used for all types of steel structures from 10t to 3000t. How would I explain STRUMIS  -  it's simply the best fabrication management system on the market!

Nationwide Structures Ltd

Once we learnt more about the STRUMIS software it was the traceability from estimating through the site delivery that really gave us the confidence and helped to confirm that STRUMIS would be the right option for us moving forward.

STRUMIS is easy to use, allowing roll-out to be faster. It makes sense to steel fabricators as its industry-specific.

Traceability & tracking of steel products through the fabrication
process has been something we have always seen as a high priority, but
with STRUMIS implemented, it’s something we can get really excited

Hosken Site Steel

STRUMIS has changed the day-to-day running of our business enormously. Saving time, risk of mistakes happening and subsequently money too.

Kelly Steel

Supermétal has implemented the next generation management information system technology from STRUMIS LTD. After developing and maintaining an in-house program for over 20 years, Supermétal has adopted STRUMIS. to provide a more seamless flow of information between engineering, procurement and fabrication, across all sites, in two languages and for several currencies.


We are now utilizing everything STRUMIS provides in just 4 months of implementation. We’re entirely pleased with our choice of STRUMIS and would thoroughly recommend both this system and the services that STRUMIS LTD offer.


Structural Challenge can now better manage and administer projects, providing efficiencies in material handling, quality control and production. All as a result of implementing STRUMIS.

Structural Challenge

The STRUMIS system is now rolled out across our sites with many users now fully trained and using the systems effectively and efficiently. We believe STRUMIS provides us with the value added advantages of greater efficiencies, greater profitability with enhanced productivity and benefit from traceability


As you can imagine choosing the perfect provider was a carefully planned, long process. Many things needed to be evaluated in terms of matching our very specific requirements. We needed a system that was bilingual and had flexibility, as we have plans to work globally. STRUMIS LTD have been good to work with and have certainly met all of our expectations. They've shown a great knowledge of their software and the industry along with working practices. They can always answer any questions we have.


We purchased STRUMIS for its productivity, traceability advantages and we have been very impressed! It’s gone beyond what any of us expected from this system. We have now brought our staff up to speed with the latest technology in steel fabrication management information and look forward to new enhancements such as Planning and Scheduling and BIM integration.

Amana Industries

We chose STRUMIS for its tailor made capabilities for managing our material effectively whereby its optimisation helps us reduce cost, saving material with help of reducing scrap and similar in timely completion of our projects by preventing last minute procurement requirements.


We choose STRUMIS because of its capabilities as a tailor made solution for the Steel Fabrication Industry. STRUMIS will allow us bid more competitively by providing accurate estimations on actual and delivered projects, with increased efficiency and material optimization culminating in huge cost and time savings. STRUMIS will enable us to connect our departments and enhance our workflow into fabrication - all in a process orientated framework which will support our commitment to quality.

Modern Prefab Systems Pvt. Ltd.

We are very happy with our investment in STRUMIS and the subsequent training we are receiving, and we anticipate the business advantages of the system throughout the delivery of our steelwork contracts.

Aasia Steel

STRUMIS LTD products are state of the art and assist our business to operate with significant business advantages in a sector that is increasingly competitive. With STRUMIS .NET we have the industries most advanced and complete solution for steelwork fabrication.

Tubular Structural Engineering (Pty) Ltd

After looking at various options we took the decision to invest in STRUMIS. Our investment in STRUMIS has been an excellent business decision and we are already seeing efficiencies, materials and cost savings that will ensure that we remain competitive in today’s environment. Further to this, the additional benefits of traceability and improved confidence in both fabrication accuracy and our business processes are an encouragement to us all at Tiger Steel.

Tiger Steel Engineering LLC

Collaboration enabled by BIMReview together with fabrication greatly enabled by the use of the STRUMIS system, optimizes the procurement and production process and assists scheduling greatly.

Eskimo Steel

STRUMIS enables us to be more competitive by realizing efficiencies across our business, particularly in production. We appreciate especially that the STRUMIS system enables us to be process driven and effective, with everything we need for project traceability.

Alshahin Company for Metal Industries

STRUMIS will deliver us many business advantages and will enable us to manage our projects with greater efficiency. Of particular interest to us is the traceability integral within STRUMIS for our work processes from enquiry and estimating through purchasing and fabrication to site construction.

Al Zamil Metal Works

STRUMIS delivers us a complete factory production control system enabling us to manage our business and projects across their entirety, from the early estimating of a contract, through procurement, fabrication and to the completion and handover of the erected framework

FÁM Construções Metálicas

We needed a system that was adaptable and open with our back office systems, but that was also flexible to our business demands. Quite simply, we found that STRUMIS is the only system on the market to deliver to our requirements. STRUMIS China have shown to us in the selection process, that they have the domain knowledge we need to help support this flag ship facility. We very much look forward to making the implementation a successful one and deploying further in other Baosteel facilities.


We were impressed by the functionality of the STRUMIS system which covers our requirements from estimating through production and delivers the management reporting we require, together with integration with our other systems.

A.C. Bacon

We were convinced that an integrated modeling platform was the way to go for maximum benefits across our team. FIM gives us the business workflow and control that we need whilst delivering the most advanced industry leading tools to our detailing and fabrication teams for maximum competitive advantage.

Konti Steel

With STRUMIS .NET we have the software technology that ensures we remain competitive and profitable.

Waiward Steel Fabricators Ltd

The assemblies feature alone enables us to save considerable time when estimating larger jobs. We have confidently and accurately quoted $1M+ jobs in as little as 2 hours.

Global Metals Corporation

As one of the original users of the system we can confidently say that STRUMIS has added to our ability to compete effectively in the market and has played a vital role in making Billington Structures the national success that it has become.

By linking our Inventory with Procurement and Production, STRUMIS enables agile procurement based on optimized project planning and shop floor routing, such that materials are ordered and delivered just in time. This results in better time management and cost savings for our business. STRUMIS has indeed strengthened and enhanced our materials logistics process enabling superior administration of our production cycle.

Billington Structures

Since the implementation of STRUMIS in 2003, the STRUMIS system has helped us grow and meet increasing demand ensuring that key areas such as estimating, purchasing, stock management and production tracking and monitoring are managed efficiently with increased speed and accuracy.


STRUMIS has enabled us to streamline our whole working process, In particular the front end timescale has been greatly reduced with the machines being automatically loaded with routed parts direct from pas.

The bar- coding module enables real time and efficient monitoring of all items from initial machine work through the various fabrication stages direct to site.

We had tested other software but found that STRUMIS offered us the most viable and effective solution to our needs.

As STRUMIS has now been operated by ourselves for over a year it has become an integral part of our process and we would have no hesitation in recommending to others.

D & G Engineering Ltd

In our recent decision to implement MIS software in Mace Buildings Ltd, STRUMIS Estimating was the obvious choice. We have now completed our software training and are looking forward with confidence to the benefits the system will bring to the company.

Mace Buildings Ltd

STRUMIS .NET enables Tubular to be more productive through the integration of our departments for maximum efficiency and reduced lead times.

Tubular Holdings (Pty) Ltd

I was highly impressed with STRUMIS LLC, the training I received and all STRUMIS personnel. STRUMIS software trainers really know their product and how to teach - such that you really learn. STRUMIS LLC should be proud of its staff - they are all very knowledgeable and professional.

Bender’s Technical Detailing Inc.

We have been very happy with STRUMIS .NET. It has worked together efficiently, from the preliminary take-off, to the detailing and fabrication, and finally erection; the material can be tracked, even if the piece marks change. This system is also great for keeping track of older inventory in order to utilize all the materials available. Also - out of all the estimating programs I have used this is by far the best.

Blattner Steel Company

STRUMIS .NET play a vital role in our project management workflow and are integral to operations at EvadX Ltd. Direct links through the STRUMIS .NET management information and fabrication system streamline the EvadX fabrication process from start to finish and provide seamless interaction between departments, suppliers and clients. With StruM.I.S .NET we have the complete Fabrication Information Modeling system.

EvadX Ltd

With considerable capital investment in steelwork machinery, Behbehani Steel is able to deliver exceptional performance and exceed client expectations. This advanced technology has been enhanced by our selection of STRUMIS steel fabrication solution, which enables a complete integrated approach from engineering, through detailing and fabrication to site erection.

Behbehani Steel