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By engineers, for engineers

STRUMIS provides the leading industry global expertise with personal service guaranteed to effectively maximise your business potential, be it local, regional, or global.

Our developers, support, technical, training and sales teams all have direct experience in the structural steelwork industry and draw upon well in excess of two decades of dedicated software experience for the sector.

Meet some of our STRUMIS Divisional managers:


Barry Thompson - Owner

Barry has a wealth of experience in steel fabrication which is illustrated by being the Chairman of the RDS Group of Companies, which stands as one of the most experienced group of companies in the field of mechanical erection and insulation works.

Established in 1923 the company's growth is mainly attributed to a strong market focus and a proven knowledge of core technologies for chemical plants, refineries, power stations, nuclear plants, process piping, storage tanks and related works in the industrial sector worldwide.

As a result of the strength of this knowledge and experience STRUMIS Ltd was established in 1986 and has now sold to more than 20,000 users in over 60 countries.

Barry is committed to working in partnership with clients to ensure that STRUMIS is consistently the best software solution available for the evolving steel fabrication industry.

Steve Watson - Sales Manager

Steve has over 38 years of experience of the daily challenges that face steel fabricators and first-hand knowledge of applying technology to address those challenges.

After implementing STRUMIS into his previous company, TubeMasters Ltd, York, UK, Steve was so convinced about the dramatic multi-faceted benefits STRUMIS delivered, that he joined the STRUMIS team 16 years ago, personally servicing over 300 steel fabricators from small to medium enterprises to the largest Blue Chip fabricators across the world and consults daily with industry professionals, showing them what software automation can do for their own Steel Fabrication organisations.

Steve is responsible for STRUMIS Sales Teams across Europe; successfully combining work with his family life including time with his young grandson & new granddaughter.

Chris Eaton - Product Manager

Chris has over a decade of experience within the steel fabrication industry in the form of various job roles using STRUMIS to benefit the company. Being an avid user of STRUMIS he saw the true benefit of the software and decided to join our team.

This has given him knowledge and insight into steel fabrication and STRUMIS, both as a user of the software and as an employee of STRUMIS. Due to this he soon moved up the ranks by time and time again showing his commitment to the company and the extent of his knowledge base.

Now with STRUMIS and the best interests of the clients in mind he strives to further develop STRUMIS as a product by using his wealth of knowledge, close connections with clients by listening to their needs and also by ensuring that we adapt to the ever changing steel fabrication industry.

Stuart Riddell - Support Manager

Stuart worked for GoData, the forerunner to STRUMIS and has extensive technical knowledge of the steel industry and the STRUMIS system.

Stuart is responsible for all the local support teams throughout the STRUMIS LTD offices and Distributor network.

Adam Henshall - STRUMIS Technical Support

Adam brings twenty years of experience to STRUMIS, spanning virtually all aspects of the steel fabrication industry.

During this time, he was an enthusiastic STRUMIS user at several steelwork fabricators, hence he decided to join our team.

With his winning combination of client user experience and trainer knowledge, Adam travels extensively; working with our offices in the US and Dubai, to share his expert knowledge of STRUMIS.

When not on the road, Adam offers desk based technical support, working with our clients via web-based training.

Alex Bussey - Technical Software Consultant

An enthusiastic and multi skilled individual, Alex is one of the newest members of the STRUMIS technical software team.

Utilising years of experience as a consultant developing and deploying bespoke software solutions globally for large multinational corporations, Alex is no stranger to understanding client’s requirements and delivering tailored training solutions to fit even the most unusual of circumstances.

As well as having a unique perspective on software, Alex has spent a number of years within his family’s architectural steelwork company where he has been exposed to all aspects of the business from the shop floor to the board room. This has led to a passion for the industry, which shows through his delivery of STRUMIS.

Robert Holder - Business Development Manager - USA

Robert has two decades of experience helping clients in manufacturing, steel fabrication, shipbuilding, and the offshore industry to leverage technology enabling them to efficiently manage their business processes.

His ability to work closely with customers to define business objectives and successfully deploy custom solutions will further enhance the customer experience for our North American client base. Robert is responsible for sales and business development throughout North America for STRUMIS.

Samantha Dillon - Business Development Consultant - USA

Samantha is the US STRUMIS team's Business Development Consultant and has worked in the steel industry for a number of years.

As a regional saleswoman, Samantha strives to deliver a personalised, one-on-one business experience for potential and current steel fabrication customers.

Providing a holistic approach to review our client's needs, and in conjunction with the robust offerings of the STRUMIS software suite, Samantha is best able to connect clients with a software solution that not only enhances their current business processes, but will also carry them into the future of the steel industry.

Ricardo Reyes - Business Development Manager - Southern USA

With a degree in Computing Engineering, Ricardo has over a three decades of experience within the steel fabrication industry developing and using different M.I.S. software programs to benefit his customers. He has hands-on experience in CAD software and CNC machines for Steel Fabrication and was responsible for numerous integration projects.

With 5 years served in Sales and Support for a steel management software achieving close connections with clients by listening to their needs and providing solutions.

Ricardo will be responsible for sales and business development for STRUMIS across the Southern USA; combining work with his family life including time with his young grandsons.

Ramy Gierges - Technical Manager - USA

Ramy is a Professional Engineer who has been working in the Steel Fabrication business for over 10 years of which 6 years were spent working directly for steel fabrication companies in the Middle East; including BEMCO Steel Industries where he successfully implemented STRUMIS.

His expertise in material optimisation and improvement of tendering and production processes lead him join the STRUMIS team, based in Dubai, as Technical Manager and has recently transfered into our US technical department.

Ramy now travels world-wide to conduct technical demonstrations, he is also an active contributor to software development of STRUMIS and a firm advocate of Management Software solutions.

Carl Turner - Application Specialist - USA

Carl is a professional mechanical/production engineer. He started off as a welder/fabricator then progressed through the following roles, design detailer, project manager, general manager and then gaining a degrees in Mechanical Design Engineering and Project Management. In doing this he has developed a diverse grasp of fabrication, construction and project management that spans over 30 years.

Carl has a proven record of success in estimating, design and project management of full turnkey contracts including bespoke machinery design, HVAC, quarry and mineral storage equipment, automation, aerospace and civil construction.

He has trained and implemented STRUMIS all over the world, using his unique perspective of the industry and the client’s requirements along with a good sense of humour, which has made each trip a success as well as making good friends along the way.

In his spare time Carl enjoys spending time with his Wife and two dogs by hiking and site seeing, he's also an enthusiastic biker and loves to sketch and paint.

Mohsin Ali Khan - Business Development Manager - Middle East

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Mohsin has over 9 years of industry experience, with 4 years served in Sales in the heavy fabrication industry.

Mohsin has hands-on experience in CNC machines for Steel Fabrication and was responsible for Project Sales and Customer Relationship Management for key accounts. Mohsin also has firsthand experience working on the oil rigs for 2 years.

With his wealth of industry knowledge and his enthusiasm to sell, Mohsin will be responsible for local sales and business development for STRUMIS across the Middle East.

Moustafa Hassan - Regional Technical Support - Middle East

Moustafa is a professional electronic/electrical engineer, years’ of experience working as a software consultant, analyst and within support for Energya Cables group in Egypt, ERP providers and Lawson M3. He now works for STRUMIS Ltd helping to support our ME customers.

Mohamed Eltamamy - Technical Consultant - Middle East

Mohamed has worked within the steel industry for over 8 years, which has given him experience in all of the major departments including production, quality control, sales/estimation and project management.

Before joining STRUMIS Mohamed was the PMO manager and the deputy general manager at his previous employers, at which he successfully implemented STRUMIS.

Chris Roos - Regional Manager - Australasia and Africa

Chris leads the STRUMIS team in two continents - Australasia and Africa.

With a great deal of travel involved, Chris is best suited to this position having lived in both regions. Chris saw firsthand the value of STRUMIS products in the steel fabrication business when entering the industry over 20 years ago in South Africa. Recognising his potential immediately, STRUMIS LTD offered Chris the chance to run business operations in Australia, and in doing so, has successfully secured STRUMIS in the market showing companies how management information systems can help steel fabrication businesses.

Chris is multilingual and has an extensive background in the steel industry and is able to converse with Engineers alike in a language they understand.

Peter Shi - Regional Manager - China

Peter leads the China STRUMIS team, and is responsible for developing business throughout the Far East territory.

Peter has two decades of expertise in the IT industry, and has been a regional manager for different fortune 500 companies in China.

Since joining the STRUMIS team in 2012, Peter has successfully establish STRUMIS as the most recognised MIS solution in China, and has made strategic partnerships with key clients in China's steel fabrication industry.