Our Approach


Specialist Knowledge

STRUMIS LTD focuses solely on the construction services and steel fabrication industries,
acquiring indepth and extensive specialist knowledge and skills that we develop into all our software tools and deliver to you.

Headquartered in England, UK, STRUMIS LTD develops and supplies a range of software for construction & project management, and steelwork fabrication,
together with technical support and training resource provision.

As a major developer of software for the construction and steel fabrication industry, STRUMIS LTD supplies organisations worldwide with quality solutions for construction.
We think about the future, but act in the present.
We're passionate about introducing new ideas and developing sustainable answers for our customers.

Global Locations

STRUMIS LTD has extensive sales, support and training presence covering more than 50 countries.
With 9 offices and branch offices we can serve our clients directly across all continents through three STRUMIS LTD Regional Centers of Excellence or primary sales channels.

Additionally, STRUMIS LTD's Distributors are specialist providers and add value by providing support, training and even localised development.

There is always an STRUMIS LTD sales channel convenient to you and your time zone.
Contact us to find your local presence or if you are interested in forming a relationship with STRUMIS LTD email us on marketing@strumis.com

Headquarters, UK

STRUMIS LTD - Central and Europe.


STRUMIS LLC - Americas.


AceCad Software Pty Lty - Australasia and Far East.