Hosken Site Steel

Hosken Site Steel

Why companies are investing in STRUMIS technology all over the world to be more productive and increase profits…

STRUMIS is a global leading steel fabrication management information system designed by industry experts specifically with engineering and steel fabrication companies and their requirements in mind. It’s a complete steel fabrication management information and production system for companies who are looking to manage their business more effectively and improve productivity.

Assisting the management between departments, suppliers and clients, throughout all processes, STRUMIS helps organisations to reduce error, risks and improve efficiency. From estimate tendering, through procurement and production into construction, STRUMIS improves cost management, offering timesaving benefits and allows for much tighter traceability and tracking.

"STRUMIS gave us the confidence and was the right choice”

Hosken Site Steel, based in Queensland, Australia, are a multi-disciplined leading end-to-end business and one of the largest, most reputable steel fabricators in their state, offering clients the complete package; from estimation to drafting, then fabrication and site installation. This holistic approach gives clients the peace of mind that no external organisations can halt progress or cause disruption on cost and timescales.

Their impressive portfolio includes shopping centres, large sports complexes, hospitals and airport buildings.  Their growth is on-going, as is their solid reputation of getting the job done on time, in budget. So when it came to choosing the right management information system to help improve and assist in the management of their work they had clear goals in mind:

"Initially, we were on the look out for software with nesting capabilities”, Kim Hosken from Hosken Site Steel tells us, adding that their research had led them to STRUMIS."

StruM.I.S gives Traceability and Tracking of Steel Products to Hosken Site Steel

Skylights at the Westfield Garden City Shopping Centre at Upper Mt Gravatt
However, once they’d looked closely at STRUMIS they soon realised the enormous benefits of its features: "Once we learnt more about the STRUMIS software it was the traceability from estimating through the site delivery that really gave us the confidence and helped to confirm that STRUMIS would be the right option for us moving forward.


"Traceability and Tracking of steel products”

Like many clients around the world, the ease of use has been a big plus, allowing users to quickly understand the STRUMIS system and how to get the most from the software. Kim continues "STRUMIS is easy to use, allowing roll-out to be faster. It makes sense to steel fabricators as its industry-specific.” Kim added: "Traceability & tracking of steel products through the fabrication process has been something we have always seen as a high priority, but with STRUMIS fully implemented, it’s something we can get really excited about!

Mr Chris Roos, StruMIS Australia Regional Manager comments, "I'm delighted Hosken Site Steel saw the benefits STRUMIS can bring to their business. Hosken Site Steel is a longstanding client, and our client base is growing in this region. Many steel fabricators in this region are investing in STRUMIS technology as it can connect business resources reducing time, cost and wastage for great efficiencies."


STRUMIS logoSTRUMIS is an all-encompassing steel fabrication business management solution that harnesses the information flow and work processes through the steelwork contract between departments, suppliers and clients; from estimate tendering, through procurement and production into construction. STRUMIS steel fabrication management information software is for engineering and fabrication companies who are looking to implement a dedicated solution to manage across all departments, including multiple sites.