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STRUMIS a "no brainer” for respected Californian Fabricators TL Fab

What makes STRUMIS different?

With STRUMIS Management Information System software program you really are getting a product designed by the industry for the industry. As engineers with 25 years in the steel industry, we know what a true entire solution for the industry should look like. That’s why the level of real-time accuracy, intelligence, efficiency (time and cost) and control, all set STRUMIS aside from its competitors.
The success of STRUMIS globally is due to a number of factors: the Steel Fabrication industry expertise, which ensures engineer-to-engineer speak, the cost efficiencies of this industry leader, plus the feature-rich software program which continues to develop and grow, in line with our changing industry and our clients’ needs.

TL Fab logoTL Fab – Southern Californian fabricators that continue to go from strength to strength 

Since 1981 this then small miscellaneous fabricator has strived hard to sit where it does so now, as one of the most respected structural, miscellaneous and ornamental fabricators serving in the South Californian marketplace.
With a reputation for working closely with their clients to find the best in innovative solutions to challenges, they offer design-build engineering, project management, fabrication and installation.

STRUMIS provides sustainable competitor advantage across the globe

STRUMIS can offer the support of industry expert engineers who’ve developed tools for real-time accurate information. With STRUMIS organizations get peace of mind, safe in the knowledge information is available and precise. Therefore offering the knowledge and ability to build their growing business. Now a global business, we have regional insights and local support – US-based, internationally focused and adapting for our markets across continents.  

TL Fab say they knew that STRUMIS was right for them to become their entire solution provider, and they certainly haven’t been disappointed…

Vic O’Mara, Executive Vice President at TL Fab tells us; why is STRUMIS the obvious choice for us? "This was a real no brainer. Having used the software at previous employers, the team was not only comfortable with the easy format, but already knew the ability to which the software can be adapted to suit changing circumstances.

TL Fab Case StudyAs an organisation they conducted thorough research, looking at the other software available: "We found other software the functionality was limited compared to that of STRUMIS. We can dial in the processes exactly how we want to see them, whether in the estimating module or production control. Traceability issues are non-existent and being able to see visually locations or stages of our production, is a major advantage for our project managers.”

Although utilising many of the features, Vic is keen to tell us what is making a particular impact: "Creating erectable packages is much quicker, and isolating the package visually in the 3D model allows much more clarity for discovering costly omissions that could prevent erection, so potentially saving us enormous expenditure.

"We know we are only scratching the surface of what this software is capable of… We are excited about using it to its full potential going forward.