STRUMIS welcomes SISCOL India as one of the world class steel fabricators using STRUMIS Management Information Software for Steel Fabrication Management.

Having implemented SAP B1 as the Enterprise Resource Planning Software for the group, SISCOL have decided to integrate it with STRUMIS for better material management, effective utilisation of scrap and remnants and tracking their material through bar coding. Here is a brief introduction about SISCOL India:

India’s construction sector, at present, is witnessing a major change as it is progressively opting for steel structure based construction solutions in lieu of RCC system – much the same way as major developed countries like the US, Japan, Korea, China and Europe have done during their years of major infrastructure growth.

Steel based construction, apart from offering higher strength solution, enable completion in a much shorter time and also give technical flexibility for complex construction. A substantial part of these structures are factory manufactured and assembled at ground level to enable rapid installation at site. The manpower, as well as area required at site, required for steel based structure is also considerably less compared to RCC construction.

Indian steel structure industry is still in its infancy but with increasing local availability of rolled and fabricated structures, the industry is set to grow exponentially in the years to come. While several small and medium fabricators already exist, none of them possess complete capability to meet the full customer needs and engage with stakeholders like Developers, Architects and Contractors for achieving optimal solution.

SISCOL pioneered by a group of visionary & experienced veterans of India’s Steel and Construction industry, entered into a "Technical Service Agreement” with iconic Yongnam Engineering and Construction Limited of Singapore to provide state-of-art and complete end-to-end solutions as a part of their value proposition.