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Clear and transparent view of the progress, monitoring and current status of each individual component and assembly,
pieces may be progressed to their next stage and process.

Loads are defined, assigned fabrication and delivery dates.

Time generation work order wizard/production planning; all Cam/NC files are interrogated producing times for each process required: user defined production processes and stages: CAM/DSTV files automatically sent to each cutting / drilling machine;
work lists are formulated per machine/employee/process time generated to enable work load planning.

RF and Batch Collection Bar Coding for traceability.

Visual tracking and reporting of piece marks via seamless integration to 3D models.

Visual tracking of all components utilising the unique, live and interactive 3D model viewer.
It displays the current production status and presents vital information.

Delivery notes created and pieces pre-assigned/assigned to delivery notes to third party treatment and/or erection site once fabricated and painted.

StruCNC edits/views CAM/NC1 files and post processed to specific workstation formats; no need for third party software.
Functionality includes viewing tools, edge limit controls, the creation of cuts, holes and scribes.

When manually identified linear pieces are to be welded together, to form one piece; an efficient usage of existing bars;
the association is shown in the Production Welded Bar List Report.

Employee Time Sheet Reports are generated offering real time tracking, timings and progress.
Multiple employees working on the same component in Production Console increases the Time Sheet accuracy and traceability.

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Additional Option:

STRUMIS interfaces seamlessly with SigmaNest, Lantek, ProNest Plate nesting solutions.


"With STRUMIS we have a system that enables us to manage projects from start to finish. Now with the extended bar coding functionality and the automation that this delivers we are able to benefit from the system more and more throughout our projects."
Genrec Eng.(PTY)Ltd

Features of

Summary STRUMIS production control module features include:

    Bespoke workflow template creation

    Automated generation of stockyard picking lists and cutting lists

    Automated routing of workflow through interrogation of listing and NC data

    Automated work to list generation and/or post processing and delivery of CAM/NC data to specific machine formats.

    Integrated StruCNC CAM/NC editing suite.

    Production phasing and lotting.

    Process timing generation and labour time recording.

    Piece Tracking utilizing Bar Coding, Production Console and/or Automated Workstation Feedback.

    Bar Coding delivers semi-automated individual piece monitoring.

    Production Console available as a touch screen interface.

    Workstation and machine automated feedback for several CNC manufacturers.

    Production overview with real time visual piece tracking in a 3D model.

    Automated production delivery notes.

Bar Coding brings Traceability

Some of the larger steelwork fabrication businesses around the world have proved that steel tracking facilities can be further automated using a bar coding system
which also reduces errors associated with manual processing.

A hand held device may be used to progress individual marks, giving traceability control to the shop floor.
STRUMIS fabrication management software also supports the use of radio-frequency (RF) bar coding tools to move and control items throughout the production process.


Please contact us to find out how we have helped fabricators get into bar coding.

Executive Benefits of

Gives your company the competitive cutting edge:

  • Easy Implementation
  • Increase Productivity
  • Save Time, Reduce Costs
  • Real Time Traceability
  • Streamline Workflow
  • Maximise Material Efficiencies