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True, live inventory status.
Complete control of contract material and miscellaneous items such as workshop consumables, non-steel items and stationary with inventory levels tracked as inventory module makes automatic adjustment made for purchase orders received, issued and consumed.
Self-maintaining with no manual adjustment is necessary.

Full Traceability and tracking;
free, allocated, remnant and work in progress inventory. Tracking of heat/cast numbers, CE Markings. Order number, delivery note number, order date and received date
- critical when complying with QA standards for traceability and control and ensures maximum material utilisation.

Sale of free inventory, goods may be "sold" via a direct interaction with the sales invoicing module, goods will be added to a sales invoice, picking slip and delivery note.

Reports and clarity of cost of inventory -
inventory value displayed as an item cost, unit price per metre, tonne.
Numerous management reports e.g. Inventory valuations/status, historical usage by type or supplier and location inventory are available at the touch of a button.

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"We chose STRUMIS for its tailor made capabilities for managing our material effectively whereby its optimisation helps us reduce cost, saving material with help of reducing scrap and similar in timely completion of our projects by preventing last minute procurement requirements."

Features of

Summary STRUMIS items and inventory module features include:

    Complete inventory management system including non steel items

    Multi location management including supplier sites or materials on order

    'As received' cross checking with purchase orders

    Certification/reference storage against materials

    Control of stock levels and effective dates

    Remnants return back to stock or free inventory

    Item status for historical trend analysis

    Detailed inventory transaction reporting

    True plate shape remnant visible in inventory

Executive Benefits of

Gives your company the competitive cutting edge:

  • Easy Implementation
  • Increase Productivity
  • Save Time, Reduce Costs
  • Real Time Traceability
  • Streamline Workflow
  • Maximise Material Efficiencies