STRUMIS Weld & Layout Marking

17th October 2017

STRUMIS Weld & Layout Marking

Weld and layout marking are intended to automate the manual marking of connected parts on a main component.

In essence you can use the material to tell you where to place it and how to weld it, on all first order fittings without having to manually mark the information.

Having weld and layout information exported automatically by STRUMIS and used in conjunction with your machine tooling provides many benefits such as:

· Increased marking speed due to being fully automated

· Machine precision written information

· Minimal marks created to save time

· Reduced material handling time

· Reduced required labour skill

· Reduced labour costs

· Reduced human error

· Reduced footprint

· Full traceability

· Less paper

By marking the material automatically you can have peace of mind knowing that you have added a beneficial step to the fabricating process, one that saves time and money.



In order to automate this process STRUMIS analyses 3-D models from engineering systems and generate marking lines based on contours and connection holes as much as possible. The marking information will be generated as KO and/or PU blocks (setting) and the corresponding position numbers will be generated as SI or KO/PU blocks (setting) and outputted as DSTV NC files.

Marking is created by using plasma or milling. Marking by plasma creates a surface discoloration and vaporizes a small amount of material. Milling creates the highest quality mark which is even visible after shot blasting, painting or galvanizing.



Within weld marking and layout marking you can set various rules to ensure the mark is created to your requirements, this includes:

· Control of where the mark is placed

· Control over the text size

· Control over the layout mark style

Pop marks can be used within layout welding, which means the machine will be doing a minimal amount of work. Again saving time throughout the fabricating process with machine precision marked information.

5. Pop Marking

Another option you have control over is to mark each part with a unique assembly/serial number as well as having the layout marking on the material for the attached parts, which will provide full traceability.

Weld marking and layout marking provide time and cost saving benefits in just one module, to see what the rest of STRUMIS could do for you visit