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STRUMIS is the complete management information and production system for every steel fabrication company;

to minimise overheads and costs, maximise productivity and profitability; in every step of the steel fabrication process.


Combining global industry expertise and efficiencies with British service enhancing core competencies, giving you the competitive edge – always.

With STRUMIS you can connect your business resources reducing time, cost and wastage for greater efficiencies, traceability and productivity.

Steel Fabrication Software Solutions;
by engineers, for engineers

As global market leaders, STRUMIS are at the forefront of developing intelligent software for the steel fabrication industry.

We think about the future, but act in the present.

We’re passionate about introducing new ideas and developing sustainable answers for engineers.

We speak your language.

STRUMIS – your partner in growth

STRUMIS is your partner in providing an entire business solution, ready for growth and diversification.

STRUMIS provides the leading industry expertise combined with personal service, guaranteed to effectively maximise your business potential; be it local, regional, or global.

We believe in offering the flexibility to fit the exact needs of our clients; that’s why we offer the choice of two software management solutions, tailored to suit you.

An Exact Fit:

STRUMIS has the software management solutions to suit you:

Which STRUMIS solution is for you?

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Steel fabrication management information and production system for
Small to Medium (SME) sized engineering and steelwork fabrication companies:
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A complete steel fabrication management information and production system for
Large steel fabrication businesses:
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Step In with Essentials by STRUMIS, Step Up to STRUMIS


Steel Fabrication Workflow

Tekla Integration with the STRUMIS Steel Fabrication Workflow



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"By linking our Inventory with Procurement and Production, STRUMIS enables agile procurement based on optimised project planning and shop floor routing, such that materials are ordered and delivered just in time. This results in better time management and cost savings for our business."
Simon Barnes, Billington Structures Ltd