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Contracts Management

Revision Management and Traceability


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Contracts are created containing critical information such as customer, weight, area, phases, drawings, assembly marks, invoice milestones etc.

Budget Creation and Variation Analysis

The Budget Module automatically imports estimate/tender values and costs (material, labour, services)
then compares them to committed (inventory allocation, purchase orders) and actual costs (time sheets)
providing constant financial performance clarity.

All revisions are updated automatically, traceability identifies the specific changes. Only the latest drawings are used for purchasing and production, eliminating costly errors.

QS Analysis and Profit Centre Creation

The BOM / Detail listing is broken down into categories, which have a cost and sales value, via bespoke “rules”.
Accurate valuations and invoice values are provided utilising the unit price set,
broken down into individual milestones on each contract.

Problem areas highlighted: any revised or unassigned BOM components are flagged.
Production status and delivery notes not conforming to the expected “rules” are also flagged.

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"The implementation of this (STRUMIS) system will bring about significant cost efficiencies and enhance competitiveness of Essar Projects. The cross-over of departments using STRUMIS will streamline our material management and project monitoring. The ability for any member of the appropriate department management team to provide real time data to clients is fantastic for the business to client relationship."
Essar Projects

Features of

The STRUMIS contracts module features include:

    Key contact details and project information

    Import prelim or advanced material requirements

    Detailed listing feature allows import of any electronic format and allows for automatic revision control

    View 3D model for visual status of all pieces

    QS Analysis feature for breakdown of project by cost versus sale values

    Contracts Budget for breakdown of project estimate versus actual costs

Executive Benefits of

Gives your company the competitive cutting edge:

  • Easy Implementation
  • Increase Productivity
  • Save Time, Reduce Costs
  • Real Time Traceability
  • Streamline Workflow
  • Maximise Material Efficiencies