STRUMIS Ltd and Allied Steel Buildings, Inc announce our exciting strategic partnership!

10th March 2020

STRUMIS Ltd and Allied Steel Buildings, Inc announce our exciting strategic partnership!

STRUMIS and Allied Steel Buildings are joining forces to deliver even further benefits to the global steel fabrication & construction industry by pooling their in-depth knowledge and strengths as global leaders in their respective markets.

STRUMIS Ltd and Allied Steel Buildings share many core values including innovation, commitment to the steel industry, quality, and passion.

Allied Steel was founded in March of 2003, by a group of individuals dedicated to seeing the dreams of others come true. They originally focused on providing simple steel buildings and structures, and now expanded their offering to structural steel buildings, and hybrid structures. Unlike many firms that are exclusively product-oriented, the heart of their approach is to provide life and business solutions for their clients. The products they contract to manufacture and distribute are only as good as the futures they will shape. This means knowing beforehand that their buildings will be used for a variety of uses. Allied builds lifelong relationships with customers, co-workers, and partners because they know that strong relationships are the brick and mortar of strong buildings and strong service to match. With this mission in mind, they adhere to a series of core values that help them achieve success in more than 65 countries worldwide with over 5000 completed steel building projects

STRUMIS Ltd is the global leader in delivering software solutions to the steel fabrication and construction services industries. With more than 30 years of experience, STRUMIS Ltd has sold to more than 20,000 users in over 60 countries worldwide. STRUMIS Ltd solutions enable steel fabrication companies to drive increased efficiency, productivity and ultimately improved profitability.
Building on their heritage of innovation, industry expertise, and passion for excellence, STRUMIS Ltd empowers its clients to gain sustainable competitive advantage.

STRUMIS Ltd provides the leading industry expertise with personal service guaranteed to effectively maximise your business potential, be it local, regional, or global.

STRUMIS Ltd is a visionary life-time partner, committed to consistent development and progressive improvement.

You can rely on STRUMIS Ltd today and in the future to offer the best solution for your evolving business needs - and maximise your profit potential.

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