BIM Estimating

21st August 2018

BIM Estimating

For over 10 years STRUMIS customers have been reaping the benefits of being able to create estimates in seconds by importing 3D models into STRUMIS from third party modelling software solutions such as; Tekla, STRUCAD, Advance Steel and many more.

However more recently this ground breaking functionality has been enhanced in order to provide STRUMIS customers with an incredibly streamlined and efficient approach to model based estimating. This is achieved by by-passing the need to create 3D models in the third party modelling software solutions by importing them directly from design software solutions such as Revit Structures.

Importing directly from a Revit model removes the need for the detailing team to create a 3D model in a modelling software solution. This is in order to not only save you time but it also ensures 100% accuracy in importing the entire Revit design model material; while also alerting you to any unusual material that is detected during the import.

Companies such as Robinson Structures and Mifflin Construction have adopted this latest technology to streamline and improve accuracy on their day-today estimating.

Ashley Robinson – Operations Director for Robinson Structures ltd states

"We have extended our use of STRUMIS through importing 3D models either from our in-house Tekla detailing team or for added efficiencies we can import direct from the Revit model when available saving even more time producing our estimates.”

Steve Goode – Project Manager for Mifflin Construction Ltd adds

"The more Revit models we can obtain at the point of tender the better for us as this allows a rapid and accurate take-off direct from the engineers model to be completed within a matter of minutes. This allows more time to concentrate upon the vital role of the estimator to ensure material and labour prices are competitive to ensure our best win ratio.”

Further to the significant speed improvements STRUMIS provides, BIMReview (which is included with STRUMIS) allows the estimating team to provide a movie file of the finished project over-laid on google maps if required or alternatively you can use the standard scenes included with BIMReview.

This movie file accompanying the tender submission can accentuate the win probability and also demonstrate your company is adopting the very latest technology to support the steel construction industry.

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