19th February 2018


New Steel Construction have released their Annual Review of highlights from 2017. Which provides a highly deserved showcase for the astonishing depth of UK design, fabrication and construction skills used on steel projects of all shapes and sizes.

Within the Annual Review it includes the SSDA Awards, which has just celebrated its 49th year. Some of the projects included were worked on by STRUMIS users, so we would like to use this opportunity to showcase some of the brilliant projects that our customers have worked on.


Oriam, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburugh

Architect: Reiach and Hall Architects

Structural Engineer: Engenuiti

Steelwork Contractor: J&D Pierce (Contracts) Ltd

Main Contractor: Bowmer & Kirkland

Client: Heriot-Watt University

The Oriam project will provide an arena for grass roots sports development through to high performance training for elite athletes.

In order to meet the project’s budget, Engenuiti worked together with the steelwork contractor to develop a simple and elegant 2D truss design for the arches, which required less prefabrication than a previous design and provided material savings for the project.

The sports hall roof again comprises steel arches on a 7m grid, with straight secondary steel members spanning between the arches and curved tertiary steel members spanning between secondary beams to provide intermediate support for the roof cladding.

Summing up, the judges say two parallel vaulted forms spring from a central spine; the larger one covers a football pitch, whilst the smaller covers a sports hall. The elegant lightweight steel trusses resulted from a collaborative effort by the designers and contractor, with the construction methodology informing the roof structure and supports from which it springs.

To read the full article visit the NSC website http://bit.ly/2EUXrcR