The T-pylon

6th February 2018

The T-pylon

New Steel Construction have released their Annual Review of highlights from 2017. Which provides a highly deserved showcase for the astonishing depth of UK design, fabrication and construction skills used on steel projects of all shapes and sizes.

Within the Annual Review it includes the SSDA Awards, which has just celebrated its 49th year. Some of the projects included were worked on by STRUMIS users, so we would like to use this opportunity to showcase some of the brilliant projects that our customers have worked on.



Architect: Bystrup

Strucural Engineer: Bystrup

Main Contractor: Balfour Beaty Power & Transmission Distribution

Client: Nationalgrid UK


The T-Pylon was a design competition winner in 2011 and has been designed to carry 2 x 400kV, but can be modified to alternative specifications.

The T-Pylon is made from steel, which has allowed for unique geometrics. Contrary to conventional lattice tower designs, the arms of the T-pylon are slightly raised, which give the pylon a more optimistic and positive appearance.

The use of steel and the alternative design has made it possible to obtain the aesthetic and functional goal: to minimise the visual impact on the surrounding landscape, while also providing a resistant and durable solution.

In summary, the judges say the T-pylon represents a generational step change in power transmission hardware. This is a steelwork design classic.


To read the rest of the article visit the NSC website