STRUMIS V10.1 Release Webinar/Q&A

7th December 2016

STRUMIS V10.1 Release Webinar/Q&A

STRUMIS V10.1 is here and it's loaded with exciting and unique features, spanning the entire system.

Due to popular demand an additional webinar session has been scheduled

Wednesday, 14th December, 7:00pm (UK GMT)


This webinar will give you first-hand experience of the technology we offer and also a chance to ask our experts questions in a live Q&A session.

Webinar Dates & Times: (All times mentioned are local UK GMT times)

Wednesday, 14th December, 8:00am Register Here

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V10.1 sees the introduction of Theoretical Offcut nesting – providing Users with the ability to nest to available material on Cutting Plans that have yet to be cut. Similarly, the new Edit Nest functionality could save hours of re-work when needing to modify a plate Cutting Plan.

Change Order Management is a completely new module which will provide superior recording, tracking and costing of the inevitable job variations, and our new Plate Girder tools further extend STRUMIS’ handling of build-up sections. Furthermore, enhancements to Long Range Planning will bring greater control over the fabrication scheduling process.

Purchasing departments will benefit from the User-specific Purchase Order Authorisation limits and Contract Specific Pricing library – whilst the evolution of Revisions in Prelim Listing will give transparency on the ever-changing material requirements in the early stages of a Contract, preventing unrequired material being ordered.

A number of small Estimating Enhancements will make the day-to-day tasks of material take-offs, labour application and fittings that little bit easier and, finally, BIMReview has a whole bunch of new and improved features.