Demand, Growth, Expansion

20th December 2013

Demand, Growth, Expansion

Following a period of reorganization, STRUMIS LTD is pleased to announce that it is reaffirming its commitment to the development of STRUMIS and BIMReview.

The demand for STRUMIS LTD's products and services continues to grow with the resultant expansion of our offices and distribution network. The recent upturn in the worldwide construction industry has been reflected by more companies recognising the financial advantage that the implementation of STRUMIS brings to their operation.

With a 27 year track record, STRUMIS LTD has a worldwide client base in over nineteen countries with hundreds of steel fabrication plants using STRUMIS licenced products. This considerable international reach benefits all our customers as we make a conscious effort to select and incorporate best practice workflow and technology in both our business strategy and software products.

Localized product support, training and technical sales combine with the most advanced and industry dedicated software development program thus assuring STRUMIS LTD's long term position as the leading supplier of software solutions to the steel fabrication sector.

There is directed focus on our core business of ensuring that STRUMIS continues as the market leader in its field and our development plan is to modernize the platform and include the latest technological innovations into the programme.

The incorporation of BIM into the construction industry is both inevitable and welcomed. STRUMIS LTD has always championed the principle that the exchange of information results in cost savings to everyone in the supply chain. STRUMIS will be used as a vehicle of entry into the BIM market. Both STRUMIS and BIMReview are already BIM compliant in their ability to import, export and retain information/data and this will be developed further. Initially concentrating on the steel fabrication sector, there will be phased expansion into other areas as our knowledge and expertise grows.