Partnership with ShopData Systems

3rd June 2015

Partnership with ShopData Systems

STRUMIS forms strategic partnership with ShopData Systems

STRUMIS, the complete management information and production system for every steel fabrication company; is delighted to announce its partnership agreement with ShopData Systems to boost their product portfolio of CAD/CAM nesting integration.

Simon Inman, STRUMIS LTD’s Managing Director confirms, "We are pleased to announce a partnership with another nesting software provider to differentiate the diversification STRUMIS really has to offer. We believe this partnership will further enhance STRUMIS’ functionality to those involved in the steel industry and provide us with further market share.”

Shop Data Systems have been servicing the metal fabrication industry since 1975. They have continually introduced new products and services designed to help business owners across the country and around the world with an array of CAD/CAM nesting software to service general fabrication and product manufacturing.  

API Functionality 

As part of this partnership agreement, ShopData’s latest CAD/CAM nesting software can now be linked with the latest version of STRUMIS to provide API data- exchange functionality, which will complement STRUMIS’ existing linear nesting.

In exactly the same way as linear nesting, STRUMIS will allocate/nest plate mark items from inventory or supplier available sheets. The additionally required sheets will then be added automatically to the purchase order, with any remnants or off cuts returned to inventory. DXF and NC export files will be forwarded to the relevant plate profiling machinery within the STRUMIS Production Control module to complete the process.

This significant new functionality will deliver substantial benefits to mutual users of STRUMIS and ShopData Systems in terms of both maximising materials and reducing waste, together with integrated production processing through CAD/CAM technology.

Spokesperson at ShopData Systems explains, "We select partners that offer cutting edge technology and that’s what we consider STRUMIS has to offer. STRUMIS is technologically advanced with many key features to benefit steel fabricators. With this integration in STRUMIS, we can look to further enhance our offering to the market.”