STRUMIS to Provide Supermétal Seamless Flow of Information

5th August 2014

STRUMIS to Provide Supermétal Seamless Flow of Information

STRUMIS to Provide Supermétal Seamless Flow of Information

Supermétal Structures is now one of North America's most celebrated structural steel contractors, recognized throughout various industry sectors for its line of top-quality, fabricated products, delivered on time and customized to contractual specifications at competitive prices.

Few North American specialty contractors of structural steel for construction spearhead continuous innovation and modernization quite like Supermétal Structures.

Typically, Supermétal obtains raw materials such as steel beams, plates, angles and tubes from steel mills and suppliers. The steel components are engineered, detailed and fitted. During production, they are sheared, plasma cut, drilled and welded into assemblies with numerically controlled equipment.

At the end of fabrication, all assemblies – large and small beams, support elements and long-span components such as trusses – are shipped to the jobsite, which require a supremely reliable tracking system.

No Steel Piece Left Untraced

That’s another process Supermétal excels in, says Sylvie Boulanger. "Because we transport assemblies to jobsites from coast to coast, to remote Nordic locations and congested downtowns, we have developed efficient traceability and transport systems,” 

An erector that was installing steel fabricated by Supermétal once called in claiming an item was missing from the worksite’s package. Boulanger says, Supermétal quickly responded by "looking into our system.” The much-needed item was onsite, she remembers. Most companies would just fabricate a new piece and then send it out. But that wastes time – and efficiency.”

Our approach towards monitoring and control includes barcode labels, a central database and an elaborate numbering system, that allows production and site managers to instantly identify and track any piece through scanning.

Now playing a major role in steel construction

The company is 55-years old today, that’s rare! Only 34 percent of companies in Quebec make it past five years in business, according to the company’s website. The median life expectancy of all companies is a mere 13 years.

And yet, even after a half-century of construction life, Supermétal is still going strong – and venturing into new industrial areas. 

Spokesperson for Supermétal comments: "Supermétal is currently implementing the next generation management information system technology with STRUMIS LTD. After developing and maintaining an in-house program for over 20 years, Supermétal has adopted STRUMIS. to provide a more seamless flow of information between engineering, procurement and fabrication, across all sites, in two languages and for several currencies.”

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STRUMIS is an all encompassing steel fabrication business management solution that harnesses the information flow and work processes through the steelwork contract between departments, suppliers and clients; from estimate tendering, through procurement and production into construction. STRUMIS steel fabrication management information software is for engineering and fabrication companies who are looking to implement a dedicated solution to manage across all departments, including multiple sites.