Global Dedication to the Steel Industry

1st July 2014

Global Dedication to the Steel Industry

Global Dedication to the Steel Industry in over 50 Countries

Established in 1986, STRUMIS LTD is now widely recognized as a leading developer of software solutions for the steel industry. A member of the international RDS Group, STRUMIS LTD is part of a global conglomerate of engineering, fabrication and software companies.

Uniquely our developers, support teams, trainers and technical sales teams all have direct experience in the structural steelwork industry and draw upon this expertise, making them best-placed for fully understanding what our clients need in order to make their businesses run efficiently by utilizing the latest software programs.

A truly international business

Our philosophy has always been to see no boundaries when it comes to offering out highest quality software and services across the globe. We meet regularly with clients throughout the world, both face-to-face (seeing us globe-trotting, or them coming to our Head Office in Derby regularly) and via virtual technologies. Our second-to-none knowledge of how to communicate with clients internationally has seen us in the position we are today: Covering almost 50 countries with our world-renowned software program... STRUMIS.

Global dedication

"The world is becoming smaller” is certainly a phrase we all hear often. But never has it been more apt with the recent news of plans to link the commercial giants of the world, the US and China, via rail.

Between us we have together developed global knowledge that leaves us in a prime position to understand the steel industry requirements, the similarities and differences throughout the world. We've industry experts boasting over 150 years of steel fabrication experience.

Working with clients everywhere from South America to Australia, China to Chile, we ensure that our service is top quality wherever you are. With global support, and our expertise in localization, our clients are fully confident of our utmost attention 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Language no barrier

As well as many of us here learning how to communicate with clients in other countries and cultures, our software is now translated in 15 different languages, allowing clients to be confident with STRUMIS and not relying on them constantly translating their needs into English. 

2014 set to end on a high!

Whilst our successes to date have ensured we are considered to be at the top of our game, in the software industry it’s never wise to be overly satisfied, resist change and rest on your laurels. And at STRUMIS LTD we never see being complacent about developing our software programs further as an option!

Keep reading our website over the next few months to learn of all the news and updates to come in the 2nd half of this most exciting year for us. Our own software success, STRUMIS is under continual development in order to ensure we stay right at the forefront of the Structural Steel Fabrication Industry.

With our focus firmly on meeting the real day-to-day and project-specific needs of the Structural Steel Fabrication Industry, combined with our dedication to the best in service, we look forward to providing the most innovative and productive software solutions to the Structural Steel Industry for many years to come and as a consequence increasing productivity, improving traceability, reducing overheads and saving time and money for our clients.