STRUMIS to Tekla Structures Data Exchange

5th March 2014

STRUMIS to Tekla Structures Data Exchange

STRUMIS LTD are delighted to announce the release of their innovative new STRUMIS to Tekla® Structures Data Exchange.

This new link improves on STRUMIS’ already outstanding connections to 3rd party systems, by providing Tekla® Structures users with access to real time STRUMIS contract data. 

The data exchange works in two stages:

The first is to establish the link from Tekla® Structures to the associated STRUMIS contract. This can be done over a local network or via the internet, meaning that Tekla® Structures users can remotely connect to a STRUMIS contract no matter where their location.

The second stage allows the contract status of items/assemblies to be enquired upon from within the Tekla® Structures modeling environment. Selecting objects allows the user to acquire information such as production and QS status, material and purchasing details and also document management information. 

Simon Inman, Technical Director of STRUMIS LTD, comments, "We’re extremely excited with the new STRUMIS to Tekla® link! The benefits for Tekla® Structures users in having this link will really add an extra dimension to the way detailers work, especially in regards to change management. Being able to enquire upon things like purchasing and production information without having to pick up the phone, and having that live information on demand  is a massive benefit for everyone involved in the project.”

The STRUMIS to Tekla® Structures Data Exchange will be available with the upcoming STRUMIS version 9.1 and will be compatible with Tekla® Structures versions 16 to present.

Watch the video here:

StruM.I.S to Tekla Structures Data Exchange 

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