TREAT Leads Trichy with STRUMIS

8th August 2013

TREAT Leads Trichy with STRUMIS

TRICHIRAPALLI ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY CLUSTER (TREAT) leads Trichy to next generation fabrication management

STRUMIS LTD is delighted to announce agreement with TREAT Cluster to implement STRUMIS to assist the fabrication industry in Trichy, India

TREAT Cluster, a non-profit organization with a partial grant from the Department of Industrial Promotion and Policy, to assist the fabrication industry in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India, with its Common Facility Center and have understood the value and capabilities of STRUMIS and thus selected it as their fabrication management solution.

How STRUMIS can help…

STRUMIS is a complete management information and production system for steelwork fabricators which delivers efficiencies, increased productivity and traceability.

STRUMIS can provide workflow and automation advantages leading to greater efficiencies, material and processing savings for greater profitability with enhanced productivity, and organizational benefits through process control for both quality and traceability. 


Cost and time saving

Organizations are often concerned about how effectively they can deliver their business objectives. STRUMIS pulls together business processes and removes time consuming laborious tasks, whilst providing structure to time management, and also ensuring that you achieve the processing time savings that you expect from a dedicated system. 

Business efficiency, from your procurement strategy through to your production abilities - all costs need to be known entities, minimized, controlled and factored into projects.

Mr. K.G Muralidharan the Chairman and Managing Director of TREAT "We chose STRUMIS for its tailor made capabilities for managing our material effectively whereby its optimisation helps us reduce cost, saving material with help of reducing scrap and similar in timely completion of our projects by preventing last minute procurement requirements.''
Mr. K.G Muralidharan Promoter of GK industrial Park (GKIP) dedication is to foresee the growth around Trichy. The benefits accrued to small, medium and large industries alike through GKIP’s symbiotic industrial eco-system are unprecedented. Mr. Muralidharan was instrumental in bringing to Trichy the first government funded Shared facilities Centre, within the premises of the Park.

STRUMIS LTD’s Regional Director in India, Mr. Abhilash Joseph comments, "We’re proud that STRUMIS was selected as part of the first government funded shared facilities centre in Trichy, India. There are many benefits associated with adoption of the STRUMIS system and TREAT will look to managing their business more effectively."


The TREAT Cluster will be a Heavy Engineering, Fabrication Centric Facility, to assist the fabrication industries in and around TRICHY as a Common Facility Centre, with partial grant from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. TREAT have planned many heavy as well as State of the Art machines for this project to be supplied to Small and Medium industries in the fabrication cluster of Trichy which has more than 500 industries engaged in small to large fabricated components. This is an attempt to get versatile machines to accommodate business constrains of affordability, space problems and can benefit from this common facility.

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STRUMIS LTD is a leading developer of software solutions to the international structural steel industry since 1986. With core business areas in the AEC Building and Construction industry, STRUMIS products have consistently transformed its customers’ business in the steelwork fabrication supply chain. Our products include BIM project collaboration and fabrication management software. STRUMIS LTD has international sales, training and support operations in 10 countries and customers around the world.

About STRUMIS                                                                                                 

STRUMIS is an all-encompassing steelwork fabrication management information system that harnesses the information flow and work processes through the steelwork contract between departments, suppliers and clients; from estimate tendering, through procurement and production and into construction. STRUMIS steel fabrication management software is for engineering and fabrication companies who are looking to implement a dedicated fabrication management information system to benefit from BIM and manage across all departments including multiple sites or even across supply chains.