Essentials Worldwide Success!

6th December 2012

Essentials Worldwide Success!

Essentials, STRUMIS LTD’s steel fabrication shop production system, runs the whole company at a price less than a single CAD system seat, it is ready to use in no time at all with minimal training and can often be paid for within a month on material savings alone!

A STRUMIS TLD representative commented; ‘We felt there was an excellent market for a low cost system that allowed smaller fabricators or indeed fabricators in need of IT systems to control their costs and run their fabrication more efficiently. Accordingly, we extracted the ‘Essential’ features out of STRUMIS, our world successful fabrication management system, incorporated them in a user-friendly interface and placed it on our website for fabricators to trial it for a month. Essentials has indeed hit a note with significant numbers of company’s trialling, liking it and indeed buying.’

Essentials has already been a roaring success with many fabricators around the world downloading it and testing it out on live projects. The ease of use and comprehensive features have already proven to generate valuable returns on investment and sales have come from all around the world including Africa, Australia, Europe, Middle East, South America and the USA.  

A comment from one of these recent Clients in India was; ‘After evaluating the available options we decided to go for Essentials by StruM.I.S. We found it to be the best fit for our organization. The software will be used to track fabrication progress at our shops and erection on sites in real time helping us further reduce costs and have better control from our Head Office. The material management system is tuned especially for our industry and will help us streamline our inventory and prevent last minute procurement requirements.’ Esteem Projects.