Esteem Projects choose Essentials

29th November 2012

Esteem Projects choose Essentials

STRUMIS LTD is delighted to announce that Esteem Projects has selected Essentials by STRUMIS to be employed across their sites.

Esteem Projects is a leading Construction and Engineering Company specialising in fabrication and site installation of fired heaters. It has achieved this position by adhering to three key ideologies - production effectiveness, meeting customers’ requirements and certified quality standards.

The implementation of Essentials by STRUMIS will provide Esteem Projects with an improved system for fabricating and managing projects with accuracy and efficiency; it will deliver cost, time and productivity benefits and will enable process quality in their services resulting in enhanced competitive advantages.

Mr Tanveer Singh, the Director Projects at Esteem Projects commented; "After evaluating the available options we decided to go for Essentials by STRUMIS. We found it to be the best fit for our organization. The software will be used to track fabrication progress at our shops and erection on sites in real time helping us further reduce costs and have better control from our Head Office. The material management system is tuned especially for our industry and will help us streamline our inventory and prevent last minute procurement requirements. We plan to integrate the software into our processes and to be able to track the life-cycle of our project items from drawing to commissioning.”

Regional Director for STRUMIS LTD, Abhilash M Joseph, commented, "We are very pleased that Esteem Projects has selected Essentials by STRUMIS to be implemented into their sites. We are looking forward to working with them and helping them to realize the business advantages that Essentials can confer into their business.”

About Esteem Projects

Established in 1994, Esteem Projects is an integrated Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction Company serving refineries, fertilizers, petrochemical and chemical industries. Esteem specialises in site installation, pre-commissioning of fired heaters, reformers and other process heaters with CS, SS, AS coil materials including design & fitting of fired heaters.

Furthermore, Esteem offers cost effective solutions to the process industries using pioneering technology, proven design procedures and world class services. For each project the work procedures are tailored keeping in view special circumstances and client's objectives.

Esteem provides its services in both India and abroad and has been meeting its clients' challenging requirements including turnkey jobs or erection, testing and commissioning in the fields of fertilizers, petrochemicals and refineries.


Established in 1986, STRUMIS LTD, a member of the international RDS Group is a leading supplier of advanced software solutions to the international construction industry, delivering sustainable and advanced competitive advantages to our valued international clients.

STRUMIS LTD develops a range of software for BIM collaboration, design to construction project management and dedicated steelwork fabrication. STRUMIS products have consistently transformed its customers’ business in the construction supply chain.

With core business areas in the AEC Building and Construction and Industrial, Process and Plant sectors, STRUMIS LTD has international operations in ten countries and provides software to customers around the world.

About Essentials

Designed with small to medium sized fabrication businesses in mind and with all the features and functionality you would expect; Essentials is the out of the box answer solution to deliver the cost, time, process and productivity benefits you require. With an attractive low price to ensure rapid return on your investment.