Canam Group implements STRUMIS

7th November 2012

Canam Group implements STRUMIS

STRUMIS LTD is delighted to announce another investment in STRUMIS’ solutions by leading international steel companies in the EPC, Fabrication and Construction sectors.

Canam Group is a leading provider of design and fabrication of construction products, and develops innovative and pioneering solutions by focusing on customer satisfaction, manufacturing effectiveness and digital revolution.  

Further to Canam Group’s substantial research of all the available choices on the market to deliver a dedicated, multi-site, integrated steel management and production information system, Canam Group selected STRUMIS to be implemented into their sites. Jean Thibodeau, Senior Vice-President InteliBuild and Information Systems at Canam Group commented; "Following a comprehensive 6 month evaluation of the various steel fabrication management solutions available, we decided STRUMIS was the best solution for Canam Group due to a number of key factors. STRUMIS was by far the most comprehensive and feature rich solution available, enabling us to replace multiple legacy systems. Utilizing the STRUMIS Integration Platform and the latest .NET and SQL technology ensured we can integrate STRUMIS with our existing Oracle ERP system, our engineering and detailing software, as well as bar-coding, tablet and CNC equipment. STRUMIS will save valuable time handling and managing key operational data across our multiple fabrications facilities.”

Regional Manager (Sales) for STRUMIS LTD, Simon Slater, commented, "We are extremely proud that the Canam Group team has elected to implement STRUMIS across their sites; this is a significant addition to our prestigious global clientele and we are pleased to continue our outstanding working relations with them."

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About Canam Group

Canam Group is a manufacturing company with over 50 years experience specialising in the design and construction of products and solutions. With close to 3,500 employees, Canam Group is a leading provider of design-build and virtual design construction and a principal supplier in the design and fabrication of construction products, with an annual turnover in excess of US$750 million.

In 2011, Canam Group completed 9,240 construction projects, and operates 20 manufacturing plants, covering an area of 3,112,535 square feet (289,160 m2), with an annual production capacity of 764,000 tons.

Canam Group has engineering offices in Canada, the United States, Romania, India and China, and has created alliances in China and France. By sustaining its leadership role in the digital revolution and construction of energy efficient buildings, Canam Group provides long-lasting products and solutions that endorse development efficiency and productivity.


Established in 1986 STRUMIS LTD, a member of the international RDS Group, is a leading supplier of advanced software solutions to the international construction industry, delivering sustainable and advanced competitive advantages to our valued international clients. STRUMIS LTD develops a range of software for BIM collaboration, design to construction project management and dedicated steelwork fabrication. STRUMIS products have consistently transformed its customers’ business in the construction supply chain. With core business areas in the AEC Building and Construction and Industrial, Process and Plant sectors, STRUMIS LTD has international operations in ten countries and provides software to customers around the world.


STRUMIS is an all encompassing steel fabrication business management solution that harnesses the information flow and work processes through steelwork contracts between departments, suppliers and clients; from estimate tendering, through procurement and production into construction. STRUMIS steel fabrication management information software is for engineering and fabrication companies who are looking to implement a dedicated fabrication management information system to manage across all departments including multiple sites or even across supply chains.