STRUMIS 5.1 Product Launch

28th November 2003

STRUMIS 5.1 Product Launch

STRUMIS LTD is proud to announce the launch of STRUMIS 5.1 (formerly GoData). The STRUMIS Fabrication Management system brings people up to date with the latest processing, tracking and reporting facilities. STRUMIS streamlines the fabrication process by providing seamless integration between department suppliers and clients. Advanced technology makes real-time progress reports available anytime, anywhere around the world.


  • Improves productivity by reducing overheads
  • Improves your relationships by adding value to your service
  • Reduces material wastage though improved stock management
  • Remove bottlenecks in the flow of data and drawings
  • Monitors business performance to identify profitable jobs
  • Reduced duplication of work between departments
  • Automates repetitive and laborious tasks

"STRUMIS has significantly added to our ability to compete effectively in the market and has played a vital role in making Billington Structures the national success it has become."
Billington Structures Ltd

"By implementing STRUMIS users can improve productivity, reduce overheads, reduce material wastage, improve the flow of data throughout a company, monitor performance, reduce duplication and ultimately save time and money."
General Manager, STRUMIS LTD

STRUMIS Version 5.1 includes the following new features and benefits:

  • Ability to cope with metric and imperial jobs allowing users to take on jobs internationally
  • Multi-language support allows the software to be translated into foreign languages
  • Enhanced reports engine