STRUMIS Releases Essentials

14th August 2012

STRUMIS Releases Essentials

STRUMIS LTD Releases Essentials

STRUMIS LTD are pleased to announce the release of Essentials by STRUMIS a new steelwork fabrication management system for the smaller fabricator. An essential tool containing all the key features needed to run a fabrication workshop more efficiently and available at an incredibly budget conscious low price.

What is Essentials by STRUMIS?

Essentials by STRUMIS is the second major release in STRUMIS LTD’s solutions for steelwork fabrication and follows on from the success of the STRUMIS fabrication and management information system. Designed especially for smaller fabrication teams and with the features that smaller businesses need, Essentials by STRUMIS is the perfect business solution to deliver cost, time, and process and productivity benefits together with significant increases in efficiency, profitability and traceability. Requiring little or no training, Essentials by STRUMIS is an ‘out of the box’ program to streamline workflow and fabrication.

Who is Essentials by STRUMIS for?

Essentials by STRUMIS is for smaller steel fabrication companies and is designed to meet day to day business demands. It is for those steel fabrication companies that thought they could not afford a dedicated management information system or that the benefits were for big companies only. Now they too can benefit and compete using the same resource strengthening and workflow advantages that many larger organizations enjoy from implementing STRUMIS.

What are the business benefits of Essentials by STRUMIS?

  • Easy and user friendly to use
  • Pre populated with material libraries - ready to implement
  • Saves time/reduces laborious tasks and minimises human error
  • Delivers quotation accuracy and materials waste reduction
  • Cost reduction and increased productivity for greater profitability
  • Knowledge retention through process implementation
  • Traceability and process control
  • Future proof with the ability to upgrade to STRUMIS

Essentials by STRUMIS Background and Overview

For many years, STRUMIS LTD have pioneered the extension and the benefits of managing information into the steelwork fabrication and construction phase, extracting and managing data more efficiently across the structural fabrication process, providing tangible benefits to the steelwork contractor.

With Essentials by STRUMIS, STRUMIS LTD is now making this technology, also based upon our 26 years of experience with structural BIM, available across the steelwork fabrication sector to smaller fabricators. STRUMIS LTD representative commenting on the release said ’Essentials opens a world of potential business advantages on the steelwork project to all in the sector. Smaller fabricators can now experience new levels of capability, unrivalled in the industry, to deliver benefits to their businesses and other project stakeholders’.

Essentials by STRUMIS enables you to integrate your 3D steel detailing models into your business and streamline information workflows, ensuring accurate estimates and consistent tenders, combined with materials procurement that is seamlessly connected to your inventory for optimum materials usage. With Essentials by STRUMIS you can manage your production and track all project components and budgets to ensure deadlines are achieved and profitability targets realised.