Albawardi Steel selects STRUMIS

30th July 2012

Albawardi Steel selects STRUMIS

Albawardi Steel Industries (BSI) selects STRUMIS LTD to aid their growth in the fabrication industry.

STRUMIS LTD are pleased to announce that Albawardi Steel Industries (BSI) one of the most prominent providers of fabricated steel in the Middle East region, located in the port city of Dammam is now using STRUMIS as they expand their business to new heights.

Annual production exceeded 5,000 tonnes last year and, with the help of STRUMIS, BSI plan on increasing their total output to exceed that of 30,000 tonnes in the very near future.

STRUMIS enables companies to connect the departments of their business enabling them to work more efficiently and achieve a higher output. One of the main areas in which the STRUMIS system contributed to BSI values is through streamlining their current workflow to create more productive inter-department collaboration. Engr. Hesham Sudan, Operations Manager of the BSI facility commented on the use of STRUMIS by saying; ‘All you have to do is look at the values of our company to see that using STRUMIS was the next logical step in our growth plan.’ 

According to Engr. Hesham Sudan ‘STRUMIS has delivered productivity gains across the business, not just in production where we have realized organizational and speed advantages in association with our CNC machinery’. He continues; ‘our vision is to be the market leader in each and every sector we are in and with STRUMIS we remain focused on teamwork, staff development and investing in the latest technologies.’