STRUMIS V5.2 Released

14th June 2005

STRUMIS V5.2 Released

STRUMIS 5.2 is the latest release of STRUMIS LTD’s fabrication management system. It contains brand new functionality and many major enhancements, including:

Non Steel Stock Control

The Non Steel Stock Control module provides:

  • Stock management for Non Steel Items
  • Management of multiple stock locations
  • Interface to Non-Steel Purchase Orders
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Current Stock
  • Re-ordering report
  • Stock Transactions (in/out, allocated...)

Budgets System

The Budgets System provides:

  • Real time tracking of contract costs
  • Cost analysis from Estimate to contract completion
  • Customizable display
  • Interface to Purchase Orders, Steel Stock, Non Steel 
  • Stock and Estimating
  • Tracking of contract variations
  • Reporting

New "batch update" bar-coding for the Piece Monitoring System

The "batch update" barcode functionality provides:

  • Support for "batch collection" barcode devices
  • Barcode printing options
  • Reports
  • Integration with Excel

PAS Bar-coding and WIP Enhancements

  • Enhanced graphical user interfaces show work in progress at both workshops and  stations, and also identify materials currently being processed and work scheduled.
  • The re-designed manual barcode interface now allows selective progression of steel through the stations as well as the existing batch progression.
  • Updates to the electronic scanning facility provide users with increased levels of information and feedback on the processing.

SPF Viewing in Detail Material Listing

This gives the STRUMIS user the ability to view SPF drawings.

New Reports

The inclusion of additional standard reports to the existing reports menu provides user with greater reporting functionality.

CIS/2 Cad Interface

Allows the import of any CIS/2 compliant manufacturers models.

Network speed improvements

This has been achieved through changes to the security interface; where by a client PC can now verify its security group with PC’s other than the PDC.

Support for Windows Server 2003 and Windows 64bit

The security interface has been updated to support Windows 64bit & 2003.

The following additions and enhancements have also been made:

  • Updated the Q.S. System & Q.S. Reports
  • Improved Detail Listing, making it easier to list components and process simple revisions (E.g. adding fittings, changing qty’s.)
  • Added functionality to the Detail Listing - Cutting List report, for use with un-nested components (E.g. Print list by workstation, Show weight & area)
  • Improved the Prelim Listing Auto-Marking system, including increasing the mark limit increase on a single list to 9999.
  • Made general enhancements to the StruCad & third party Cad-Interfaces, including adding the ability to assign default workstations to members on Cad import
  • Added a V.A.T. rate per line option within Purchase Orders to allow different and multi V.A.T. rate orders to be created
  • Added additional reports, including reports for all stored libraries E.g. Suppliers
  • Made improvements to the Detail Nesting - Cutting List by Lot & Feed Sheet by Lot reports
  • Made improvements to the Electronic Supplier links (EDI and GDMail interface)