STRUMIS .NET V7.3 Released

8th May 2009

STRUMIS .NET V7.3 Released

In line with STRUMIS LTD’s commitment to developing the most advanced and productive software solutions for the structural steelworks industry STRUMIS LTD is proud to announce the release of STRUMIS .NET V7.3. This latest exciting version of STRUMIS LTD’s ultimate management information system for steelwork fabricators delivers even greater business benefits through powerful, intuitive and flexible steelwork dedicated software technology.

STRUMIS .NET V7.3 delivers the most up to date processing, tracking, planning and reporting facilities through .NET software technology. STUMIS .NET streamlines the estimating, procurement and fabrication process by providing seamless interaction between departments, suppliers and clients.

STRUMIS .NET V7.3 incorporates the current Microsoft Office 2007 style "Ribbon" toolbar for navigational ease and enhanced user orientation. A brand new wizard enables straightforward creation of personalized reports delivering flexibility and company specific reporting. With added search and report functionality associated with closed Contracts, Estimates and Enquiries, STRUMIS .NET V7.3 delivers powerful selection and filtering advantages.

An all new function has been developed for STRUMIS .NET V7.3 called Transaction Interfaces. This innovative function allows users to integrate Purchase and Sales invoices together with internal organizational costs and expenses into a number of 3rd party software accounting systems. Transactional Interfaces enables significantly increased integration for the complete management, production and now accounting of steelwork organizations.

To further improve production automation and advanced system usage radio frequency (RF) bar coding functionality has been developed within STRUMIS .NET V7.3 to enable workstations/users to rapidly move items through the Production module - throughout the various stages of manufacture.

A more detailed overview of STRUMIS .NET V7.3 content and new enhanced features is available by clicking here.

A significant number of additional new features are contained across the core STRUMIS .NET modules and for further information on these and to learn more about the benefits associated with STRUMIS .NET please contact us.