ASI 2018 Convention “Future Steel”

16th-18th September 2018
Park Hyatt, Melbourne, VIC
ASI 2018 Convention “Future Steel”

STRUMIS Australia will be exhibiting our time and cost saving benefits at the ASI 2018 Convention "Future Steel” in Melbourne from the 16th to the 18th of September. This will be attended by Chris and Michael so if you would like to put a face to the name and see how STRUMIS can help your business improve profits, make sure to come and meet us.

Australia is experiencing a steel renaissance. With an unprecedented pipeline of opportunity in infrastructure, defence, building and construction, investments in 'green steel' and renewables, increasing export capability, new product development, a dynamic geopolitical environment and developments in digitisation, robotics, automation and virtual augmented reality, the 2018 Steel Convention explores current developments and emerging trends in Australian industry and economy and asks:

What’s next for Australian steel?

What does future steel look like?

How can Australian steel adapt to get the best ROI for their businesses?


Focused on equipping Australian steel with the information and the tools needed to navigate a changing landscape, qualify, differentiate, compete and win business, 2018 Steel Convention sessions include:


The Builders Forum: What’s in the pipeline and how to play?

Future steel industry capability, skills, technology and innovation

The hour of power, securing an energy future that’s balanced and supports industry competitiveness

Bringing sexy back for steel

The innovation multiplier

Positioning and pitching steel to win

Competing with confidence

Brand Steel


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