IPS 2015

9th – 12th June
Lörrach, Germany
IPS 2015

STRUMIS is pleased to be partnering the Kaltenbach International Partners in Steel (IPS) event in Lörrach, Germany, from 9th – 12th June. 

This bi-annual event sees professionals from the international steel and metal industries meet at Kaltenbach office in Lörrach, Germany for this event. IPS opens its doors for the 10th time under the motto "Innovation. Quality. Service.”

IPS is where you can see the latest steel fabrication software - STRUMIS – Steel Fabrication Management Information System, which can deliver efficiencies, increased productivity. 

The STRUMIS team of engineers and experts will be holding FREE short, demonstrations; announcing and revealing highly effective and profitable structural steel fabrication management solutions:

Come and see them at work only at the STRUMIS booth.

The benefits of STRUMIS:

  • Easy Implementation
  • Increase Productivity
  • Save Time, Reduce Costs
  • Real Time Traceability
  • Streamline Workflow
  • Maximise Material Efficiency

Informative Presentation:

The STRUMIS team will give an informative presentation on its global leading software solution focusing on ‘Efficient Steel Fabrication’ with STRUMIS.

STRUMIS will explain what it is; what it means to the steel fabrication industry; what is required and the benefits it really brings.

Presentation details: 

Date: Tuesday, 9th June

Time: 14:30

Date: Friday, 12th June

Time: 14:30